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    Ryan Lowe - Plymouth

    Mass exodus of players from Bury. Adams to Northampton already a done deal. Mayor to Ipswich, O’Connell to Coventry, 0’Shea emigrating to play in Australia. Maynard and Thompson to Plymouth. Plenty of others along with all the backroom staff moving down south.
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    Ryan Lowe - Plymouth

    You will end with him and Schumacher, he’s the real brains. Suspect 3/4 players to follow him.
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    Bury FC

    Going up to league 1? How I ask is that possible. Badly run football club. Players and staff never paid on time most months. All probably still owed money. Change of chairman, SD to SD mmm Rumoured to pay players way above the average league 2 players, not to 2/3 but most of the squad...
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    The League 2 Promotion thread

    MK Dons to win the league, Mansfield and Lincoln aiutomatic. Exeter via the play offs beating Colchester in the final.
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    The Bury summer signing uberthread. WARNING - Contains tinpot material

    I find it’s a disgrace what the club has done to Steve Dawson, he complained of an injury. Physio said there’s nothing wrong with you. Go and train and play. No scan or X-ray offered. Player does has he’s told finally gets an X-ray. Result a broken leg. The club is a joke.
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    Vale v Bury

    So glad for Tom Pope, Bury shit on him. Plus lots of others.
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    Vale v Bury

    Well done Popey top man, great goalscorer
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    Vale v Bury

    Hope Popey has a stormer and gets 3. Top player. Fancy a Vale win 3-1. Burys surprising start to start blowing up.
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    Greater Manchester Whites vs Cumbria Blue (Bury vs Carlisle)

    The game should never have started. A Bury fan has sadly passed away today. Taken I’ll prior to the game starting. Should have been postponed like the Barnsley Burton game. Disgraceful and lack of respect. Carlisle fans chanting an awful song whilst the guy was being treated. Shows what sort of...
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    The Bury summer signing uberthread. WARNING - Contains tinpot material

    Nicky Adams was awful last time he was here, still a poor player. He has Improved on his set plays. Can’t tackle or head a ball. Can’t defend, pace has gone. If he gets kicked he goes hiding. Should never have been brought back. Another Day/Lowe disaster. Most have thee summer signings are far...
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    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2020/21

    Lowe must go from Bury he hasn’t got a clue, signed some right dross. Stokes, Miller, Dagnall, Gold, Archer, Adams are poor, the club is set up for non league. Get rid now Day.
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    Bury vs Yeovil Town

    Yes man for Day
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    The Bury summer signing uberthread. WARNING - Contains tinpot material

    Stick to your drum you idiot, or ask your mummy for a dummy
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    Bury vs Yeovil Town

    You will be
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    Swindon v Macclesfield

    5-0 home win, Macc back down.
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    What an absolute clown this bloke is. Doubt he’s ever kicked a football in his life. If you want to put previews of every league team put it on here not just the Bury sight. Then you will see how bad you are. Leave Wikipedia alone for your duff info. Who are you would like to see a face behind...
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    Bury vs Yeovil Town

    Bury are absolutely gash, no goals or clean sheets in that squad. 0-3 to Yeovil. Season of struggle the team and squad is worse than last season. Relegation beckons.
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    The Bury summer signing uberthread. WARNING - Contains tinpot material

    It was £60 though he should pay to play, he’s absolute dross. Will barely play. Didn’t play regular for Chester
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    Pre season friendly thread

    He’s shit


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