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    18 games unbeaten v Please keep Argyle out the top 3 (Northampton v Rovers)

    As all rovers tickets gone now for the beamback. Probably bollocks,but says live stream.
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    Devon White vs John Taylor plus 90k (B.Rovers vs Cambridge)

    Home ends sold out.not cambridges fault but 300 in a 1250 end. Could have at least sold the segregated area.
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    Gas v Wombles

    Just signed Oliver McBurnie from Swansea for the season.
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    Pompey vs the gas

    Filled that end a couple of years ago,lost and went down.
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    Bristol Rovers vs Leyton Orient

    No direct bus to the ground from temple meads,the 75,76,78 from Redcliffe hill a 5 minute walk or the centre 10 minute walk. If you're not sure of the area,about a tenner in a cab.
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    Gas v Wombles

    About 50 locked out,let them in at half time.
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    Gas v Wombles

    Better get there early then as might not get in at all,cheers.
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    Gas v Wombles

    I know it's pay on the day,but can anyone tell me how big the away end is as we've sold 722 advanced tickets to date?.
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    Brizzoli and Carl-Isles. Beat by Newport at Home derby (Brovers v Carlisle)

    Keith Curle sums up Rovers,sold him to Torquay for 10K as a poor winger,signs for Bristol City,where he plays as a central defender. Goes on to sell for millions and played for England,albeit poorly.
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    Rovers v Wycombe off Saturday.

    You know your not tinpot,when your game is called off for international duties.
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    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2023/24

    1587 Gas at Plymouth (sold out).
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    Playoff Final: Sarfend v 'combe

    Made my day.
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    Breathalysed Before Matches

    £4 a pint for CARLESBERG in your tent disgusting pint and rip off price.
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    Non-League Away Support Thread 14/15

    We sold 1,700 tickets,but don't know,how many showed or who went in the home stands.
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    Most tinpot thing I ever heard. (tinpot thread)

    When playing in a local Bristol league in the early 90s,we let in 3 goals in the first 3 minutes,when one wag on our team started singing the first couple of verses of D'reams things can only get better and we all joined in at the kick off.the opposition were laughing so much we ran straight...
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    Promotion Thread

    Stick a fiver on Barnet.
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    Non-League Away Support Thread 14/15

    This has to be our fault,no mention of 'family tickets'. Why didn't we 'usher' people with kids in the family stand?.now unless you are female with a kid you can't go.100's need tickets.and we call other teams in this league 'tinpot'.await our fans directors response tomorrow.
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    Non-League Away Support Thread 14/15

    Looks like you'll have to take a child,but if they are under 5 they are free,but unfortunately they might be ill on Monday.


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