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  1. chrisblor

    Saturday 9th September

    Second time this season we've played in blazing hot sun and Hurst hasn't utilised his bench (other than to bring on an incredibly right footed right back at left back who was miles out of position for the Bradford goal) which has led to us chucking away a lead and points. He was moaning to Radio...
  2. chrisblor

    Saturday 9th September

    Hope the international viewing public isn't getting bored of us having loads of possession and doing very little with it beyond passing it between our defenders and midfielders.
  3. chrisblor

    Play Offs

    Hahahahah of all the times they could pick to lose the feed, incredible from Sky
  4. chrisblor

    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2023/24

    Put your hearing aids in, honestly...
  5. chrisblor

    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2023/24

    An absolutely fucking wank transfer window for us. Something's gone massively wrong somewhere. Hurst, Pettit and Stockwood better have some spectacular answers ready for the fans forum next week because the overall mood in that room is going to be somewhere between fuming and incandescent.
  6. chrisblor

    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2023/24

    They'll have to hire some bouncers for the fans' forum next week
  7. chrisblor

    FA Cup 22/23

    Will we fuck, we get £120k if we win the replay.
  8. chrisblor

    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2023/24

    Mostly just moaning about being asked about whether we've got any new signings coming in and complaining how hard it is to sign players in this window, while ignoring every other club in the league blowing us out the water with multiple new signings compared to our 1 loanee who's played about 60...
  9. chrisblor

    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2023/24

    Our ITK message board poster (who pretty much has a 100% hit rate on leaking signings before they're officially announced) reckons Bennett's gonna be signing til the end of the season now, so that's nice. Not entirely sure how Hurst's going to manage our absolute wealth of riches at centre half...
  10. chrisblor

    League Cup 22/23

    It's about 10 minutes on a tram from the city centre or a 30 min walk away from Kelham Island which has some of the best pubs in the country. Most of the city centre pubs here are shite. What more could you want?
  11. chrisblor

    Opening Day fixtures

    Wrong, Cleethorpes in August is a fantastic away day. There's not really much in the way of pubs in the immediate vicinity of Blundell Park (the Blundell Park Hotel is tiny and home fans only), however the bar in the away end is run by our trust and often receives glowing reviews from travelling...
  12. chrisblor

    2022/23 New Gear Thread

    Here's ours, it's fine:
  13. chrisblor

    National League Fixtures 18/19th February

    formally announcing my RESIGNATION from this BELEAGUERED message board
  14. chrisblor

    Midweek Games

    jeff wiener lmao tbf this is a really similar situation to what happened with the Football 365 forum after Sky sold it to some dodgy South African company called 'Ole Media' with a business model which sounded very similar to that of 'Cloudstrike Ventures'. It quickly became clear Ole Media...
  15. chrisblor

    Tuesday 8th February Games

    referees at this level = lol, lmao
  16. chrisblor

    Tuesday 8th February Games

    Fair play to King's Lynn, defended resolutely and did a number on us. We were so uninspired and poor going forward. The only highlight of the evening was seeing Cleeve in the flesh on the way out looking very slick and pleased.
  17. chrisblor

    Tuesday 8th February Games

    these are absolutely not the actions of an injured man:
  18. chrisblor

    National League Fixtures 5th Feb

    It's bizarre I don't think a player isn't very good? Give it a rest. His hold up play is average and he's missed loads of chances in good positions in recent games. If we ever want to compete at the top of this division he's the sort of player who'd be ok as a backup, but nowhere near good...
  19. chrisblor

    National League Fixtures 5th Feb

    Sorry but I just think he really offers very little as a target man. Very rarely when the ball goes up to him does he find another town player with it - most of the time he just pointlessly flicks it on to a defender. I mean fair play to him he tucked the chance that fell to him away to make it...


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