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  1. RotherhamDale

    2022/23 Relegation Thread

    Much better performance from Dale today. Just a shame that we can't defend corners for shit. More performances like that and we should be alright
  2. RotherhamDale

    Saturday 27th August

    Home to Crawley in a 6 pointer. Glad I'm working.
  3. RotherhamDale

    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2020/21

  4. RotherhamDale

    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2020/21

    Rumour that Graham Coughlan was watching us yesterday... thoughts Mansfield fans?
  5. RotherhamDale

    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2023/24

    Crawley to be out of business before the season ends...
  6. RotherhamDale

    2022/23 New Gear Thread

    Dales new ones... the away shirt has caused a large divide... I like it
  7. RotherhamDale

    Stickied League 1 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2023/24

    Keyf has gone mad at Bolton. O'Grady, Buckley and Bunney all ex dale.
  8. RotherhamDale

    Carabao Cup

    Wahey!! Never seen us play a top team away from home. Dont think we'll get embarrassed at all. In other news, Lincoln looked really good tonight. Good to see lower league teams having a right go against Prem teams.
  9. RotherhamDale


    They wouldn't be worried about health issues if they'd beat Tranmere at weekend. Cheating the system... again.
  10. RotherhamDale


    Donny should get the 3 points.
  11. RotherhamDale

    New Kits 19/20 Ours. Love the grey one. The mannequin photos are from months ago so hopefully the finished product looks better.
  12. RotherhamDale

    Steve Evans new Gills boss

    Never read so much shite in my entire life.
  13. RotherhamDale

    Stickied League 1 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2023/24

    Average. Decent defender but nothing else. Can't pass and can't really run but hes good in the air. I'm surprised he's found another league one club but I should imagine he's only really a backup.
  14. RotherhamDale

    tv game saturday

    You are just an early Salford City aren't you really.
  15. RotherhamDale

    Relegation Thread 2017/18

    If we drop then it's totally self inflicted. So many points dropped from winning positions it's unreal. But the club will still claim "we got to Wembley" even if it was for an fa cup replay where we got absolutely shat on.
  16. RotherhamDale

    tv game saturday

    Non league clubs rarely get on TV.
  17. RotherhamDale

    Relegation Thread 2017/18

    Can't wait for Oldham to get beat with Dale losing to a last minute back pass that rebounds off the linesman and loops in.
  18. RotherhamDale

    Rochdale issues

    No football on that tonight. Gerrit forward to big Calv.
  19. RotherhamDale

    Rochdale issues

    We've become tinpot and we're going down. This season is a shocker. We had a new pitch last year but its just shite. A few years ago we had a fantastic pitch but the groundsman got a job abroad and left. Every since it's just been chopping up and becoming a mud bath. A league 1 club wanting...
  20. RotherhamDale

    Which club do you like the most in this league apart from your own??

    Good to see that people have recognised the good football we play... Until this year. HOOF.


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