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  1. Seb

    Jürgen Kop

    How can you say they are bobbins? That's just utter nonesense. 4th place last year with a much weaker team than this years. Doesn't sound like a bad team to me. Every team hits a bad run of form at some point in the season, and if it's right at the start, so be it. Also, you have to see...
  2. Seb

    Jürgen Kop

    C'mon. I know perfomances haven't been great lately, but comparing this Liverpool with Rodgers 'team' in his last season is harsh to say the least. I really don't get the big fuss about all of this. Yes, the start wasn't great, but I couldn't care less. Chelsea was pretty shit a year ago, too...
  3. Seb

    Stickied Transfer Rumours 2018/19

    As far as I know Keita said not long ago that Liverpool were already interested in signing him last summer, so I think Osman is really taking the piss here
  4. Seb

    Confirmed Transfers Thread 17/18

    Anybody mentioned Pascal Groß to Brighton already?
  5. Seb

    How many points will Manchester United finish ahead of Liverpool season 16-17 ?

    Ajax easier than Sevilla? You have to be kidding. Sevilla got knocked out by frickin Leicester in the UCL, that alone should speak volumes. Ajax beat Schalke and Lyon on their way to the final, two very ambitious sides. Honestly, i think United's final is tougher than ours was last season.
  6. Seb

    Liverpools run-in

    Well I read it quite often on social media and as it is so accurate, I thought I might use it, too:bg:
  7. Seb

    Liverpools run-in

    Interesting statistic, but I think 4th is the most realistic. As I said, we seem to have some kind of goal drought at the moment and with City banging in goals lately, I'm pretty sure we'll sadly have a worse gd at the end of the season. I don't believe Drawchester can overtake us, though. They...
  8. Seb

    Liverpools run-in

    I already noticed johnnytodds hatred, but thanks for the advice:bg:
  9. Seb

    Liverpools run-in

    Well johnnytodd, i started supporting Liverpool 09/10 when I was 7 years old, as we could watch the premier league in TV at that time. I always thought the Bundesliga was boring and had a bad mentality, and i didn't like Nuremberg or Fürth either, my local teams. And after I watched the...
  10. Seb

    Liverpools run-in

    After beating Watford 1:0 there are only 3 games left to play for Liverpool against Southampton, West ham and Boro. Both drawchester clubs are currently behind the Reds, with one game in hand. But with our newfound inability to score many goals, it could all come down to goal difference. So who...
  11. Seb

    Why Jurgen Klopp will fail at Liverpool

    I wouldn't say a side sitting 4th in the league with two points difference to the second-placed has failed. Chelsea had it's early season woes, but that didn't mean they failed. And your argument that Klopps style doesn't fit to the premier league is some way off, as Liverpools 1. team were able...


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