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  1. TTOCS

    General Matchday Thread

    Lots of defenders jumping with their hands in the air to handball innocuous crosses up at Deepdale. Definitely their year.
  2. TTOCS

    General Matchday Thread

    Preston are everything we aren’t, on about a third of the income. The penalties help of course but they are definitely heading for top 6 if not top 2 if the luck continues.
  3. TTOCS

    General Matchday Thread

    Our away support is absolutely shit I totally agree
  4. TTOCS

    General Matchday Thread

    Same old against Preston. Beautiful dive by their keeper for our second, you were standing next to a white mate :lol: Two pens for them, one of which was another beautiful dive Another goal for them absolutely a foul hanging on Bakers shoulders Two goals disallowed for us, dubious offside and a...
  5. TTOCS

    Has everyone given up?

    New generation don’t go on Forums, they go on Twitter. Doesn’t help that this forum is totally unreliable, you never know when it’s working and when it’s not. I wish you’d all go to 1FF so at least one forum has a few posters. Edit can’t even say the initials of the other forum without it...
  6. TTOCS

    General Matchday Thread

    Always the same with these plucky teams coming up from League One and I include BC of 15/16 vintage. Think they are gonna cause damage in the Championship due to smashing League One, might even dominate games up here, but end up being picked off easily by the big boys. You’d have thought at...
  7. TTOCS

    What was the transfer window like for your club?

    A shocking transfer window, no idea whether good or bad. Sold our best player Webster and didn’t replace him but spent a lot of money on midfield including £7m on an 18 year old who isn’t expected to start initially. Bizarre but could it work? In Bentley GK Pereira RB Kalas CB Da Silva LB Nagy...
  8. TTOCS

    18/19 Table Predictions

    Seems like the relegation candidates were much easier to predict than the promotion/midtable battle. Same again for next season imo, Charlton to finish highest out of the promoted 3 though.
  9. TTOCS

    Match Day Bristol City v Ipswich Town (Live on Sky 7:30PM)

    Looked like a top League One team tonight to be fair, useless up front like most of them but got a bit in midfield
  10. TTOCS

    Match Day Ipswich vs Bristol City

    LOL some people know, some people don't
  11. TTOCS

    Bristol city v Swansea (Lee Trundle 'derby')

    Looking forward to this one with a big away following. We usually play poorly in front of a large home crowd but Swansea arent up to much. Narrow home win.
  12. TTOCS

    Players who...

    Bialkowski, Suffolk types sworeblind he was best in the league but he looks totally useless to me
  13. TTOCS

    Match Day Bristol City vs Bolton

    Oh this forum is back and City are gunning for the POs, happy days
  14. TTOCS

    Stickied Transfer Rumours & Confirmed Deals Thread 2023/24

    Abertawe? :lol: He won't be back, he's embarrassed himself off the forum
  15. TTOCS

    Stickied Transfer Rumours & Confirmed Deals Thread 2023/24

    Competition for Pato's place I hope
  16. TTOCS

    Stickied Transfer Rumours & Confirmed Deals Thread 2023/24

    Play off contenders me thinks if Palmer can find his Huddersfield form
  17. TTOCS

    Match Day Bristol City vs Bolton

    Hope the boys arent as complacent as I am. This should be an easy win with the right attitude and then the table might look really promising.
  18. TTOCS

    FA Cup

    Cringey the amount of publicity we have had for beating Huddersfield. Huddersfield FFS I´d have been shocked if we didnt.
  19. TTOCS

    FA Cup

    Who still thinks we are missing Flint at the back? :lol:
  20. TTOCS

    FA Cup

    Mundane and expected win against a shit Huddersfield team, despite them being fairly full strength and us with a debutant in CM.


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