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    Tuesday 16 April fixtures

    Ironically we put in arguably our best performance of the season without our two best players so you never really know what you are going to get from us. When we are 'on it', we'll be scintillating. When we aren't... You'll get a performance like Bolton on Sky. What I would say is something is...
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    Sat 13 April fixtures

    Ironically, we probably don’t. We are largely in this position due to the horrible form of sides around us. We should have been blown away a while ago. I’m staggered we are where we are. That’s not taking anything away from our recent upturn in performances and todays result which was terrific...
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    Sat 13 April fixtures

    I'll take a draw tomorrow. As much as I want to, I just do not trust this group of players to dig out a performance. We are far, far too soft. Equally, if they really fancy it they'll pull off a positive result. But I fear our best hope is Lincoln losing...
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    Sat 6th April fixtures

    Burton looked like an abject side from two divisions below. We aren’t exactly world beaters but they made us look phenomenal. They were awful. To their credit, Burton fans gave Josh Murphy a standing ovation when he came off which is testament to them. It can’t be easy watching right now.
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    Top 6/Promotion Thread

    I'd agree with that. The division is typically 2-3 stand out sides, the rest of the play-off pack barring one or two (ourselves included who are way off it but might make it), the next few sides and then everything below 10th are either inconsistent and/or poor.
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    Top 6/Promotion Thread

    I will be staggered if we make the play offs. If we do, it'll be a huge achievement. Lincoln deserve it and are showing all the signs of making it. I don't think it'll be anyone else, we're all too unpredictable and lack consistency. We simply don't have the fight, tactical awareness or the...
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    1st/2nd April Fixtures

    If you promise to give us the ball straight back after our inevitable inability to keep the ball, we’ll agree to a win. But you must promise many open goals. There will absolutely be a golden opportunity at some point to take *something*.
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    Good Friday fixtures

    We have our moments. I think that had more to do with your performance than anything. We don't have the mentality of a top side frustratingly. Against 'lesser' sides, we'll take points. Any side in the top half of the table, we won't. Ironically Greg Leigh isn't even close be being a top...
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    Good Friday fixtures

    It goes much deeper than a few poor performances. Put it this way, I'm so disenchanted I had to check who we were playing tomorrow. In fact, I hadn't even considered there might be a game tomorrow! Some of the players aren't up to it, they downed tools at Bolton which said a lot. However there...
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    League 1 General Chat Thread

    We have no idea. It's a bit of a worry...
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    League 1 General Chat Thread

    We have submitted a planning application for a stadium that will cost in the region of £150-£200 million. If we don't get it the club is as good as dead anyway. If they do get permission to build, it might kill the club anyway. Nobody knows where the source of the money is coming for or how...
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    League 1 General Chat Thread

    He was your best player against us when he came on. That's both testament to him but indicative of the woeful performance.
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    Top 6/Promotion Thread

    It makes for a horribly awful home experience let alone a good away day! If the new ground goes ahead that might be a different story. Not that it matters, we won't be going up anyway!
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    Sat 16th March fixtures

    We do not have a good team, I assure you.
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    Tues 12/Weds 13 March fixtures

    In fairness, if you play a team of petulant footballers that decide that they frankly can't be arsed any longer to play then you're bound to think that. I would think that too without context. The context of the performance (not that it matters - We got deservedly spanked) is much greater. But...
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    Tues 12/Weds 13 March fixtures

    No doubt we'll come to you and do absolutely nothing!
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    Tues 12/Weds 13 March fixtures

    We were a disgrace tonight. It was a horrific performance and we’ve downed tools. I can’t recall too many performances of this magnitude other than Wigan a few seasons ago. This was on a different level and I’m embarrassed Not taking anything away from Bolton, they were terrific though they...
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    Sat 9 March fixtures

    Dominance? Christ, I know we weren’t great but if that’s Cheltenham dominating you’re in big, big trouble. Ironically if there was a claim to dominating any period of the game you were better in the first 15-20 minutes or so than any other period. I genuinely can’t recall Cheltenham doing...
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    Fri 23rd & Sat 24th Feb Fixtures

    We only draw games these days. If we perform anything like the previous few games, we'll throw you a bone or two and allow you to get something from the game... But exclusively under circumstances where you are totally undeserving!
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    Tuesday 20th Feb Fixtures

    A completely unnecessary performance. We have ultimately thrown away a straight forward three points, twice. Calamitous defending twice when presented with no pressure all night. Northampton will be wondering what the hell they've done to deserve that tonight. Had it not been for our bonkers...


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