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  1. Wilkodon

    Charlton vs MK Dons

    Probably around the 500 mark hopefully more though but don't see it
  2. Wilkodon

    MK vs Bristol City

    I'm more worried about this game than i was for Derby on the weekend! i had a good feeling about Derby but don't for Bristol. A win for either team would be huge if Fulham and Charlton draw but id be happy with a draw.
  3. Wilkodon

    MK Dons vs Middlesbro

    Alright smart arse ;)
  4. Wilkodon

    Derby v MK Dons

    well I've just lumped a £30 free bet i had on MK to win Saturday :eyes: we've got to win another away game at some point this season so hope its Saturday :lol: if we do manage it that will be a nice £200 in the bank lol
  5. Wilkodon

    MK Dons vs Middlesbro

    I don't know why boro didn't start him rhodes ALWAYS scores against us! he single handedly got udders to old trafford in the play off final when they played us a few years ago. Gutted we couldn't hold out but what a performance that was if we can play like that against derby we may stand a chance
  6. Wilkodon

    Cows v Owls

    Cant see anything but another defeat here!! we keep playing well against teams but not being able to score, if we had a striker we would be at least 9 points better off so far this season. Rather depressing losing every week but i will be there tomorrow and the next game and the game after that...
  7. Wilkodon

    QPR v Dons

    I fucking hate football :ffs:
  8. Wilkodon

    Huddersfield v Dons

    I will be making the trip! £10 a ticket from Huddersfield is quality thumbs up to them! Fingers crossed for a point quality if we get 3
  9. Wilkodon

    Bristol City vs Winkleman Dons

    People just aren't seeing this game as a go to game, the egg chasing is on in MK tomorrow and a lot of people have tickets, we have QPR and Brighton at the start of next month, with Bristol charging 18 quid for U18 and adults at 30 i think some people would be giving it a miss sadly! Our club...
  10. Wilkodon

    Bristol City vs Winkleman Dons

    i would love to see a win but i just don't know what is going to happen! we are playing well just not getting the goals or results we deserve, we should have got wins from Derby and Leeds just not clinical enough so fingers crossed for a win. heading down and going to the cricket club i think...
  11. Wilkodon

    Bristol City thread

    Looking forward to my trip to Bristol Saturday my last trip the whole of stand opposite the away end wasn't even started yet! will be good to see it in flesh!
  12. Wilkodon

    Reading v Mk Dons

    Cheers for the kind words! Always good to hear when we our support is noticed. We generally are a decent bunch of fans and are not the satan child Eaters that we are made out to be! Good luck for the rest of the season!
  13. Wilkodon

    Reading v Mk Dons

    Good to hear! Obviously nothing on Leeds last weekend
  14. Wilkodon

    Reading v Mk Dons

    Great result for us, reading look a really decent team just missing that goal scorer if you get that you will have a very good chance this year! What did us MK fans sound like from the home end today by the way?
  15. Wilkodon

    Dons v Preston (George Moncur Testimonial)

    It certianly doesnt but not much i can do :2thumb: i just follow them home and away every week like you do with Wednesday :gr:
  16. Wilkodon

    Dons v Preston (George Moncur Testimonial)

    Preston will probably win by a goal or 2 we don't have the goalscorers up front like preston do sadly! I will be playing preston supporters team in the morning and will have a chat & laugh with them as always
  17. Wilkodon

    Dons v Preston (George Moncur Testimonial)

    Oooooooooo calm down babe don't get upset, we are here and will be in the football league at least, for a while sorry :bdick::brill:
  18. Wilkodon

    Match Day ticket prices

    I was looking at going Boro away and looked at booking it tonight for September but with the stay over night it will cost me about 200-250 quid for everything i can't afford that! without staying overnight about 100-150 I'm absolutely gutted as i was looking forward to going there this season.
  19. Wilkodon

    2015/16 Pre-Season Friendlies

    The MK youth massiveeeeeeee! :lol:


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