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  1. MadMongoose

    Lukaku or Sturridge

    Lukaku every time.
  2. MadMongoose

    Welcome Back - Site Updates & Downtime

    A lot of people seem to like the shoutbox - personally i don't use and probably never will use it, but if it must go then maybe consider using chatango? An embed-able live chat box that can be customized to fit anywhere on the site
  3. MadMongoose

    Welcome Back - Site Updates & Downtime

    OK, i don't seem to have that issue, i get this when i try to post a reply or edit my profile. See Image:
  4. MadMongoose

    Welcome Back - Site Updates & Downtime

    When you say pop ups do you mean the firewall thing that comes up when trying to do certain tasks such as editing profile? Currently having to use a different ip address to post this message
  5. MadMongoose

    Corrie actress in twitter row after complaning footballers get £300k

    Don't even know who she is let alone agree with her. But i do feel players get paid too much - although what bothers me more is they get pampered too much too. Especially the England players
  6. MadMongoose

    Big Sam - New England Manager

    Big sam all the way - he cant do any worse than the previous managers. Sam will gladly bollock players too which from memory i cant remember another manager like that.
  7. MadMongoose

    Will you watch the Olympics?

    Probably wont go out of my way to watch it but if i have free time i'll watch pretty much any Olympic event. Just saw on ssn that GB's targets have been raised - they're expected to bring more medals home this time round.
  8. MadMongoose

    Site Hosting

    How is your new project going? Just curious
  9. MadMongoose

    Muhammad Ali dies age 74

    Rest In Peace Big Man
  10. MadMongoose

    Preacher (2016-)

    Watched the first episode last night, it was different thats for sure. After a supernatural event at his church a preacher enlists the help of a vampire to find God. Creators: Sam Catlin, Garth Ennis, Evan Goldberg Stars: Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun...
  11. MadMongoose

    The International Friendlies thread

    Understandable too - pain in the arse those terrorists
  12. MadMongoose

    Will Leicester City win the Premiership this season?

    Suppose i feel the same way you probably feel - envious. Money is just one factor when it comes to being able to win the league. A perfect storm needs to be created. Leicester have done just that.
  13. MadMongoose


    I like daredevil but some of the fight scenes could be a lot better imo, in terms of fluidity they are great but some of the hits look obviously weak yet the enemy drops like hes been hit by Mike Tyson.
  14. MadMongoose

    A Warning to ALL.

    You quoted exactly what the problem is, then say its not clear what the problem is? smh
  15. MadMongoose

    Wenger: To Sack or Not To Sack?

    Rather be in with a shout (which they have been for more seasons than i can remember) than spending an entire season around 6th-10th.
  16. MadMongoose

    Wenger: To Sack or Not To Sack?

    Bemuses me how so many fans want him out, what hes done for the club - other fans can only dream of
  17. MadMongoose

    What is your worst football experience?

    Dropping my pie during a game vs Wigan at the DW stadium
  18. MadMongoose

    Horse Racing Thread

    I don't bet on horses but since seeing this thread i thought i'd give it a go, with a little help from spireite_uk lol


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