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  1. Toffee_Joe

    Your Bets 2015/16

    Walsall away at Blackpool are a very good price at 4/5
  2. Toffee_Joe

    Coutinho or Barkley.

    I would take Coutinho now though I do think he is overrated. Inconsistent but with moments of total brilliance. Barkley long term, this season he has come on leaps and bounds already though. Last night he took the game by the scruff of the neck and was brilliant against Saints. Needs to prove it...
  3. Toffee_Joe

    Baseball thread

    I think it is hilarious. The current voting format is ridiculous and it doubts towards the world series. I might submit an all Royals ballot at some point!
  4. Toffee_Joe

    FAO Everton fans

    Pretty surprised we released him to be honest. As you said was highly though of and would have thought he would have gotten a couple of extra years to sort it out. Being honest I haven't seen a lot of him but Baxter is probably a decent comparison. Good technically and on the ball, lacks in...
  5. Toffee_Joe

    Things We Like

    The woman who cut my hair today.
  6. Toffee_Joe

    Baseball thread

    So four fifths of our rotation now sit injured along with someone who would now be in the rotation if they weren't also injured. Yet our pitching factory keeps soldiering on. Can't wait get Moore, Smyly and Odorizzi back.
  7. Toffee_Joe

    Hull - best match day experience in the Premier league..

    One place below Manchester United....
  8. Toffee_Joe

    The good,bad and maybe ugly

    Good: Young talented squad Bad: No money In need of new stadium or renovation
  9. Toffee_Joe

    Rio Ferdinand Announces his Retirement

    An absolutely brilliant player. I would echo those who say at one point he was the best in the world
  10. Toffee_Joe

    The hate for Gerrard.

    I read the initial post. it didn't come across to me as a troll. Other posts of his I have seen since have caused me to doubt that initial assumption. To be honest though, people getting wound up and going on the attack to a list of 39 names and a RIP need to have a think themselves.
  11. Toffee_Joe

    General favours.

    Is this a joke? I don't mean to be rude but I can't quite work it out.
  12. Toffee_Joe

    Heysel 30 years ago this week

    Initially the thread didn't read as a wind up at least to me. Liverpool weren't even mentioned until Saltire came on talking about Johnny being bitter. To be honest I didn't recognise Johnny as a poster before this thread so he may well be a bit of a twat but at first glance this read didn't...
  13. Toffee_Joe

    Heysel 30 years ago this week

    I don't really care what he meant it as. I hope not as a wind up but if it was you shouldn't have reacted like that. Imagine if in a Hillsborough thread a Wednesday fan came in talking about Heysel and slagging off Liverpool fans. You would rightly be annoyed by it. For whatever reason 39 fans...
  14. Toffee_Joe

    Baseball thread

    He was such a good get in the Miller trade. Not bad for half a season of a reliever!
  15. Toffee_Joe

    Heysel 30 years ago this week

    In his defence its a perfectly reasonable topic to post about, sharing his condolences. That's all the first post does. The fact that the only Liverpool fan to post on the topic has not paid his respects, has thrown around accusations of being bitter, talked about Hillsbrough and accused Juve of...
  16. Toffee_Joe

    Who should your team sell?

    So you went to sell five of our first 11 players as well as four useful squad players. That would barely leave us with a side we could put out! I would sell/release: Distin - going anyway. Think Alcaraz is worth keeping hold of if we want to send either Galloway or Browning out on loan. If not...
  17. Toffee_Joe

    Heysel 30 years ago this week

    Shame he can't say the same about his brother in law!
  18. Toffee_Joe

    The hate for Gerrard.

    Your club is a cult with no shame. Look at the Suarez t-shirt incident. I have only ever met a couple of decent reds who don't turn into total twats the moment their beloved redshite is mentioned.
  19. Toffee_Joe

    The hate for Gerrard.

    To be fair to him, and I was dreading opening that thread, it was a perfectly reasonable first post. Not that you do yourself any favours.....
  20. Toffee_Joe

    Three in, three out.

    Mirallas is a big game player. That's makes him unbelievably frustrating to watch a lot of the time but whenever a derby rolls round or a big cup match there is no one else in our squad I would put down on my teamsheet before him. We are going to need players like him who can win a game on...


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