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  1. LS Bantam

    Saturday 13th April

    PP with another promotion, best dinosaur since T-Rex.
  2. LS Bantam

    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2023/24

    He’s the reason we failed to reach Wembley in the paint pot cup, kept Wycombe in it that night.
  3. LS Bantam

    Tuesday 9th April

    Barrow away, we’re very much in ‘who even cares anymore’ for the rest of this season, more eyes on off field going ons than on field so little excuse for Barrow not to get the win. 7 points from last 9 isn’t a bad return for us all be it with no pressure on but can’t see past a home win tomorrow.
  4. LS Bantam

    The BOTTLED in Mansfield thread

    “Guys, don’t panic, I got Burton promoted like 20 years ago yeah?” Not now Nigel.
  5. LS Bantam

    Saturday 6th April

    Comfortable win in the end, both teams should’ve scored in the first half before we eventually did and a couple of two handed push in the back penalty shouts were ignored but expected a lot more from Gills. Mansfield lol.
  6. LS Bantam

    New Kit Thread 24/25

    Said it last year but Puma knock out the worst kits every time. Everyone else making kits that can be worn with chinos but that Chesterfield away is two steps from those shirts with flames on from the early 00’s.
  7. LS Bantam

    Saturday 6th April

    Sounds fair, I’ll add, 1-0, a set piece goal conceded worthy of a Christmas bloopers DVD.
  8. LS Bantam

    Easter Monday & Tuesday 2nd April

    Solid long ball game by us with three under six foot forwards, tactical genius. Two crap teams, feel comfortable from open play only worry is this referee who appears to be Danny Rose’s Dad? Fall on the ball anywhere in the final third and you can have a free kick lads.
  9. LS Bantam

    22/23 Finances

  10. LS Bantam

    Joining League Two for 24/25

    Lewis was naff this season but not having it last, only Vigouroux came close.
  11. LS Bantam

    Good Friday: 29th March 2024

    I’m in York Good Friday so missing the protests, just hope they’re not half arsed and twenty people turn up which would be more our fan base’s style. Don’t think anyone could care less about the game, I know someone who spoke with one of the players who admitted there’s some who don’t look...
  12. LS Bantam

    Saturday 16th to Tuesday 19th March

    Walker would be L1 standard if he could keep fit but he just can’t, 25 games a season is about his limit with his ‘play like a mad man, get injured, slowly get back up to speed, mad man, injury, repeat’ annual cycle.
  13. LS Bantam

    Saturday 16th to Tuesday 19th March

    Platt and Chapman the only two without options, I like Chapman, his stats are decent despite never being picked, Walker and Halliday the only two on that list worth building around.
  14. LS Bantam

    Saturday 16th to Tuesday 19th March

    Questions of Alexander are pointless at this stage, 1. We can’t afford to sack him, 2. There’s zero trust the club would appoint someone capable instead, 3. The problems right now (of which he is one), are multiple and massive ranging from the actual squad, the ownership, all the way down to the...
  15. LS Bantam

    Saturday 16th to Tuesday 19th March

    I’m split on Alexander, he’s made some shocking choices, his obsession with starting with a back five, constantly having better players on the bench than starting, freezing Pointon/Wilson out, the non existent awful tactics…. At the same time he is picking from the worst squad we’ve had since...
  16. LS Bantam

    Saturday 16th to Tuesday 19th March

    We are absolutely fucked, from top to bottom - on field, off field, in the dug out, in the boardroom, on the grass, players, staff, those in charge. Where do we go from here?
  17. LS Bantam

    Saturday 16th to Tuesday 19th March

    Going exactly as expected so far.
  18. LS Bantam

    Saturday 16th to Tuesday 19th March

    GA picking teams like he’s trying to get sacked continuing well.
  19. LS Bantam

    Saturday 16th to Tuesday 19th March

    I’ve avoided most if not all post match stuff after yesterday so haven’t heard what Alexander said, but I can’t believe that Halliday and Cook were ‘dropped’ based on form or tactics, there has to be something underlying because the alternative of purposefully leaving out your best striker and...
  20. LS Bantam

    Saturday 16th to Tuesday 19th March

    No pace, can’t win the ball, can’t score, can’t keep it, can’t defend, can’t head it, the list is too long it’s a shambles. Someone made the point on Twitter that we assembled a squad that can’t pass the ball for possession based Hughes and can’t equally play long ball for hoof merchant...


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