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  1. Urban

    National League Fixtures 18/19th February

    Be on the right side of this BEEF chief. Don’t do this.
  2. Urban

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2023/24

    Ross Wallace in on loan for us from Stevenage. One of those CB/DM/MC types apparently but know nothing about him. One more also to be announced at some point. Heard nothing on the Elisha Sam rumour but seeing as Walsh has been given the number 9 shirt I do doubt it somewhat.
  3. Urban

    12th Feb Games

    Ah but who would we have had to win them? :cool1:
  4. Urban

    12th Feb Games

    I mean thinking entirely cynically (and this is quite pie in the sky) this could benefit you long term. Get to hold onto a player who was almost certainly leaving in the summer - should you miss out on promotion this season he’ll be back for Atleast half of next. Yes there’s plenty of what ifs...
  5. Urban

    12th Feb Games

    Wish I hadn’t gone today. Knew it would happen and still parted with my money. Have to get rid of the chairman, but it’ll never happen. Until he goes this club will continue to plummet.
  6. Urban

    Match Day 1st Feb Fixtures

    This fucking club. Another clear reason why we’re in the pits. How the fuck can you suspend a player for complaining about racism.
  7. Urban

    2019/20 shan off the gaffa race

    The best side of this? ODL will disappear for 10 months when Chesterfield have gotten out of this mess again
  8. Urban

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2023/24

    Wasn’t Husin quite well thought of when he was at Notts a while back?
  9. Urban

    Match Day National League Saturday Dec 11

    Have to say that we’ve had some oddballs on this forum over the years (think Luton and Bristol Rovers) but this new bunch of Chesterfield fans really do bring us to a new low. To think they managed to navigate the ‘create an account’ system AND work out how to post is impressive, mind.
  10. Urban

    Furlough scum

    The good old Chesterfield Internet cafe doing a roaring trade right now. Imagine the profits they’d make if they started selling White Lightning, Marlboro Gold and top shelf magazines.
  11. Urban

    Furlough scum

    How do you all miss the point so spectacularly? It’s not about you using the system, everyone did and it’s what it’s there for. It’s the way you used it to take players off your wage bill only to sign direct replacements for them. Furlough a LB? Signed a LB a week later Furlough a CM, sign a CM...
  12. Urban

    Furlough scum

    Exactly this.
  13. Urban

    National League Fixtures Sat 4th Dec

    We are in great form but Dean Brennan could’ve picked his fixtures since taking charge and they wouldn’t have been much more ideal. We’ve played loads of teams in the bottom half. Think we’ll fall back when you play those around the playoffs again but for now, god it’s nice to not have a shit...
  14. Urban

    FA Trophy 21-22

    Fucking hell Boreham Wood knocked us out the FA cup We have them twice over the Christmas period And now the weekend before Christmas in the FA Trophy Can we have a week off them please
  15. Urban

    National League Fixtures - 13/11

    What’s more likely: Group of grown men being scared to walk down the tunnel because a group of 60+ gentlemen and some kids off the local estate are shouting ‘Barnet get battered everywhere they go’ after a 1-0 win, OR Group of grown men are advised not to leave the field of play because...
  16. Urban

    National League Fixtures - 13/11

    Dont bother, it’s been pointed out to them several times but they’re selectively ignoring the actual events here.
  17. Urban

    National League Fixtures - 13/11

    Going to try to do a post which is absent of any bias or annoyance. That referee was fucking wank. End of post.
  18. Urban

    National League Fixtures - 13/11

    I’m 85% certain we’ll get a result tomorrow.
  19. Urban

    Match Day National League fixtures October 30

    Reckon they’ll be ok - MM is a good manager and they’ve recruited quite well at the moment, he’s being backed. Saw thoughts for Southend too actually. We are looking so much better now HK is gone. By no means are we good or even decent, but we’ve had 20 months of being absolutely dogshit. It’s...


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