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  1. Trapdoor

    Sat 13 April fixtures

    If Ryan Loft is the solution you really are doomed.
  2. Trapdoor

    The mid-table thread

    Truly the most middlest of teams. Middle of the country. Middle of the league. Congrats. I'm inconsolable.
  3. Trapdoor

    Sat 6th April fixtures

    Hah! Stevenage are shite. Should have had a man sent off, very very lucky to finish with 11 men. Offered nothing, hilarious watching Evans sulking on the touchline.
  4. Trapdoor

    Who do you want to come up/down to the third tier?

    What a game that was...
  5. Trapdoor

    The mid-table thread

    Our goal difference :milk:
  6. Trapdoor

    Tuesday fixtures 6th Feb

    its mind boggling that Ryan Loft still has a career in league football. he is such a fraud.
  7. Trapdoor

    Saturday 13th January fixtures

    Good shit from the reading fans. Football in England does have an ownership problem. Clubs are supposed to be for the fans and community, not just a quick payday or plaything for the rich and famous.
  8. Trapdoor

    Worst team in the league

    We've not had a striker for 6 months and are now relying on an 18 year old we had to recall from Yeovil. Also we've had a lot of injuries to many of our first choice players. We are really not good though, but hopefully that will start turning around now. We need to get a decent striker in...
  9. Trapdoor

    Tuesday 24th October Fixtures

    So... we are getting relegated this season. No strikers, bring in Muskwe as a panic signing, turns out he's a complete fraud. See you in a few years I guess.
  10. Trapdoor

    Carabao Cup 23/24

    Bournmouth fans would be shitting themselves at the thought of that.
  11. Trapdoor

    The Trophy formerly known as the Pizza Cup 2023/24

    It's mainly because we played a very old keeper and 1 older CB (who scored an own goal.) If we had played our youth goalie we would have been younger than them.
  12. Trapdoor

    The Trophy formerly known as the Pizza Cup 2023/24

    Only 0-9 Reading should have tried harder.
  13. Trapdoor

    Saturday 16th September fixtures

    I dont think he's even a half decent manager. He plays the most negative anti-football known to man. It may be effective in the lower leagues but it's awful to watch and has lower success the higher up the pyramid you go. He's the human embodiment of Stoke on a Tuesday night in December...
  14. Trapdoor

    Saturday 16th September fixtures

    Having a goalkeeper really helps at this level. How surprising. (Not that Cheltenham ever threatened to score.)
  15. Trapdoor

    Saturday 9th September Fixtures

    Gary Woods needs to retire. He's not a viable backup at this point. Glad we've signed another keeper today because that was not pretty. Playing a 16 year old debutant at center mid with an 18 year old striker up top on his own was never going to end well. It was the most one sided game I've...
  16. Trapdoor

    Saturday 9th September Fixtures

    We've got 2 out on international duty and about 5 injured.... :tw:
  17. Trapdoor

    Saturday 9th September Fixtures

    You're right, Devon is famous for it's high quality cream. ;)
  18. Trapdoor

    Saturday 9th September Fixtures

    We are missing a lot of players both through injury and international call ups. We dont have a single fit striker and are having to use a semi-retired keeper. I still think we will win though. :dry:
  19. Trapdoor

    Carabao Cup 23/24

    Are you the real Dwight Yorke? I thought you were dead.
  20. Trapdoor

    Sat 2nd & Mon 4th September Fixtures

    I seem to recall many people saying we are going to finish bottom. Still might happen mind, but I have no idea how.


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