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  1. ZianfrancoGoal

    Ian has died

    the only post in this thread being disrespectful is yours. remember our friend or go away, please. ian would not have wanted this
  2. ZianfrancoGoal

    Ian has died

    what is this crap? show some bloody respect ffs
  3. ZianfrancoGoal

    European Union Referendum

    why do something that is going to make you depressed
  4. ZianfrancoGoal

    Nintendo thread

    interesting. who gave you the nintendo
  5. ZianfrancoGoal

    Favourite museums/galleries/places of culture in the UK

    not everything is a game pal
  6. ZianfrancoGoal

    Nintendo thread

    all discussion in here about switch, mini snes, kirby etc
  7. ZianfrancoGoal

    Who likes Doctor Who here?

    i am fine with a woman being doctor who so long as she is objectified at every opportunity
  8. ZianfrancoGoal


    I once asked Alty if he liked me and he said he didn't know me well enough so I said let's get to know eachother and he said no
  9. ZianfrancoGoal

    there's an election

    bit of a stretch to call DUP cool, progressive and sensible
  10. ZianfrancoGoal

    1FF's Favourite War Films of All Time

    liked for Dr. strange glove
  11. ZianfrancoGoal

    Ranieri Sacked

  12. ZianfrancoGoal

    The Horror Thread

    the autopsy had me. when they stopped autopsing because of things, it lost me. the unravelling of the mystery felt too conventional, which is especially disappointing when you consider the director's previous film
  13. ZianfrancoGoal


    don't fall for this scam, the likes bring me no cheer
  14. ZianfrancoGoal

    If it wasn't for UKIP........

    it's not as bad as the time he did away with capitalisation and punctuation is it
  15. ZianfrancoGoal

    2016 Year in Review

  16. ZianfrancoGoal

    Star Wars (Includes Spoilers!!!)

    will hold off on my damning review of this out of respect for the dead
  17. ZianfrancoGoal

    Things We Hate

    what has aber gas ever done
  18. ZianfrancoGoal

    saying goodbye to a beloved pet.....

    this doesn't rhyme


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