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    Grimsby v Lincoln

    Proof that Grimsby fans dont wear ties in court if ever it was needed. Does seem that GTFC fans get a bad deal, seems to be some of the best fans support wise in this league, Oldham maybe close.
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    Northern meat-eating savages Vs Soft tinpot southern vegan ponces (Bury vs Forest Green Rovers)

    Stuggling to find any inflatable black puddings round here- most disappointing. Not sure our bus is going it didnt seem to against Swindon so we may not creep into the 100 fan bracket here
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    Grimsby v Notts

    Nobles been terrible all season, must be feeling guilty. Perhaps he should go furthur up to the North East, must still be homesick
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    Will the run continue....? CTFC vs GTFC

    Not sure even on the video Werent many GTFC fans there on Tuesday, any particular reason?
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    League 2 General Chat Thread

    Ah yes, I think it means that Nobles contract is being Doctored........ Unfortunately. Astonishing how many good players MC can cast off. :emb:
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    The Play-Off Thead 2....The Sequel...

    That now neatly explains where my misses knickers went from our washing line on the evening that Grimsby last visited The New Lawn
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    Congratulations and Welcome Forest Green Rovers

    You do have to factor in the publicity that Ecotricity get from it all as well as the overall Vegan movement (That I dont actually agree with at all. Vince lives on a Common which would be nothing like what it is now without the cows that graze it annually) Im sure theres the tax offsets that...
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    The Playoffs!

    Hmm, the elbow from McNulty on Doige wasnt so good either :blush: This season we were fortunate to have pretty much a fully fit squad, last year V Grimsby we were similar- barely any midfield left. The tolls of a hard long league
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    Tranmere or Forest Green

    Yes its been an interesting season manager wise, the guy seems to fall out with players endlessly. Lost count of the number of strikers he played . Then KMB suddenly wasnt playing for weeks when he is one of our best players.
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    Congratulations and Welcome Forest Green Rovers

    Obviously hard to say- we had a good turnout at Cheltenham last year, Solihull Moors away on a Tuesday saw around 200.
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    The Playoffs!

    Will miss all of you guys next season, looks likely to be a tough league with the 6 play off stuff as well. Feel sorry for Torquay fans- Eastleigh must be the nearest next season great goals- last year had the shortest second half on record, this year the longest :bg:
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    Congratulations and Welcome Forest Green Rovers

    Thank you all, even those that hate us- we will try to be the friendly place on the hill as usual next season, so long as no North sea Haddocks full of air or beachballs come near :blush:. Do bring your own milk as well, the llamas have moved away and all we have is soya or oatmilk now Glad we...
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    Tranmere or Forest Green

    Wow is that possible Si :bow: :fish: I would have though you guys would fancy another 2 Glosicos though seriously.
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    The Playoffs!

    TBF looking at that coach and the motorway closures they wont arrive till Saturday midday
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    The Playoffs!

    The Tranmere support will be massive- this is their Big crowd send off Why is the Guiseley mascot in there
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    Extra play-off spots

    :doh:The Wembley excitement is getting the better of me, or more likely the thrill of remembering my log in password Yes thats what I meant ie Cheltenham and Newport :blush:
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    Extra play-off spots

    Maybe the two below the relegated two in League 2 could join in and make it eight, with one extra going up or staying there :bg:
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    29/10 best weekend of the season

    We got our title in July Mark, keep up with ChrisFGRs posting FFS :2thumb:
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    Stickied Transfer Rumours 2023/24

    Why would he sign to play in the National South next season though :bg1:
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    Highlights 2016/17

    The Tranmere team took it to the extreme TBF


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