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    Who had the best L1 pitch this season?

    Our pitch has been so much better this season after it was relaid last summer. I played on it on Thursday and it was like a bowling green. Possibly because we haven't put in a tackle on it all season so no damage!
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    Relegation Dogfight Thread

    I think we'll be fine to be honest. We have lots of games in hand over our rivals and with Ben Garrity's return imminent we will have basically 3 times the goal threat, also as Alex Mighten gets fitter he will be a quality addition, not to mention Dan Gore and Mitch Clark. Need to be better...
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    Stickied League 1 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2023/24

    I love big Uche. We had him on loan when he was only 20. And exactly as you say, on his day he was unplayable but he was raw and unpredictable. I'm hoping now he's 28 and has Championship experience he might be a bit more rounded. It'll be fun whatever the case.
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    Tues 19th & Sat 23rd September

    Buzzing about tonight. Play as we have been doing and we will win. So much quality in this Vale side but also a strong work ethic and a dogged determination. It would also be such a Vale thing to find themselves top of the league with a negative goal difference.
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    August 5 Fixtures

    On the plus side, watching Massey and Cass employed as professional footballers gives me hope that I still have to chance to make it.
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    August 5 Fixtures

    I don't want to see Cass, Jones, Sang or Massey anywhere near the team on Tuesday. I can tolerate a player being crap but to down tools and give up is inexcusable.
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    Tuesday 14 Feb

    Thought we were gash tonight. Barnsley did what they needed to beat us, nothing more, nothing less. 2 points from 21 is very concerning. 2 huge games coming up.
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    Tuesday 7 Feb/Saturday 11 Feb

    Probably wasn't twinned with 90 minutes of total incompetence though. The penalty incident was the cherry on the cake.
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    Tuesday 7 Feb/Saturday 11 Feb

    Having seen the behind the goal view on Twitter it is quite obvious that the ball is in the net well before the ref blows his whistle, which makes it even more farcical.
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    Tuesday 7 Feb/Saturday 11 Feb

    That referee should never be allowed to have another football league match in his life. He was an absolute disgrace.
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    Tuesday 7 Feb/Saturday 11 Feb

    Not a great performance from Vale but with even a half competent referee we would have won it. Their penalty was a joke and as for the Vale penalty fiasco, that is Sunday league refereeing. When the ball is pinging around like pinball you just need to give yourself a couple of seconds to see how...
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    Thats even worse news than the winding up order.
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    Is it time for a 'Managerial Merry go round' thread?

    Keep your bloody hands off our Darrell!!!!!!!!!!
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    Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th December 2022

    Just looked it up. The road is Clough Drive. Named after Nigel perhaps?
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    Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th December 2022

    Last two times I've been I've parked for free on a little cul-de-sac next to a Co-op right by the ground. Have a look on Google maps for the Co-op and park on that road. No restrictions unlike most of the roads around the ground.
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    Saturday 10th December 2022

    Not surprised. Accringtons pitch has always been shite.
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    FA Cup 2022/23

    We are a much better side now than the one that lost to Exeter in August when we didn't really have the squad assembled. Should be a close game.
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    The standard of refereeing in League 1

    Jarnail Singh. My god what a terrible ref he was and of course because he wore the turban it always stuck in your mind that he was terrible. Thankfully his son seems far better.
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    Week: - Tuesday 11th October & Saturday 15th October

    I think if you look at our away numbers as a percentage of our home numbers over recent years, you will find it is superb.


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