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  1. SpireLine

    National League - 6/10/2018

    I stupidly bought a season ticket but value my time more than the already sunk money....
  2. SpireLine

    National League - 6/10/2018

    You can see the ground from my front door and I can't even be bothered any more.
  3. SpireLine

    BT Sport Fixtures Thread

    I've already got BT Fibre Broadband but not the super duper quickest one as it doesn't estimate it'll be any faster for me. That'll probably be it but I am gonna give them a call and threaten to leave :)
  4. SpireLine

    BT Sport Fixtures Thread

    When I click through to actually order it it's only giving me 3 free months and then £9 a month afterwards.
  5. SpireLine

    Chesterfield FC Shambles Thread

    We've not done anything tinpot for ages now, I'm getting nostalgic...
  6. SpireLine

    Time to check in..

    Need guidance - on what date is it acceptable to change my bookmark on here from League Two to here? :'(
  7. SpireLine

    Relegation Thread 2017/18

    We're up shit creek without a boat, never mind a paddle.....
  8. SpireLine

    Four EFL clubs 'at risk of failure' according to study

    I agree we are badly run, but I don't see that we are among the worst, and doubt we are one of the 4. The CCJs seem to mostly be cockups to do with the shambles over the road, and there's no point in Dave Allen putting us in admin when almost all the money is owed to him.
  9. SpireLine

    The 2016/17 Relegation Thread

    One of only 35 friends Ashley Carson has on Facebook. Just sayin' *If* ? Ha ha ha ha ha .....
  10. SpireLine

    The 2016/17 Relegation Thread

    We're going to finish bottom, lower than that if we could....
  11. SpireLine

    5 Tiers, 100 teams - A New Football League?

    Am I the only one that actually likes a midweek away game then? I quite like having a free Saturday now and again during the season.
  12. SpireLine

    The League One Relegation Thread 15/16

    I'm pretty sure we were briefly in 21st place for a day or two, but I get the point :)
  13. SpireLine

    The League One Relegation Thread 15/16

    I don't think Saunders is solely/largely responsible for the mess. And I don't think it's over yet.
  14. SpireLine

    Northern Railway Town Derby - Crewe vs Donny ft Fans Forum II: Another Pro-Davis Bullshit Seminar.

    A reasonable hope, and one that makes it even more laughable that we didn't even set up to try and beat Doncaster at home last week :ffs:
  15. SpireLine

    The League One Relegation Thread 15/16

    The problem is Novak now out for the season and the CB subbing in at RB now suspended. We won't score another goal never mind get another point, so it's entirely down to the teams below us as to whether they want to stay up. Our team choice is playing multiple players out of position due to...
  16. SpireLine

    The League One Relegation Thread 15/16

    Mark my words this isn't over. We're going to find a way to go down.
  17. SpireLine

    Spireites v Blades

    Don't kid yourself. We made that the easiest game you'll have all season.
  18. SpireLine

    Is your club equipped for being promoted? And at what price

    We really haven't. At best propped up by player sales, but everyone saleable's gone now.
  19. SpireLine

    Town v Vale

    We're not showing any sign of "wanting it" at all at the moment.
  20. SpireLine

    Oldham v Chesterfield

    Of course it can if it means neither you or Fleetwood gain on us.


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