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  1. Lambourn Red

    Saturday 7 March Games

    FWIW - My predictions for teams at the top this weekend Crewe 4 - 0 Stevenage Cheltenham 1 - 1 Port Vale Northampton 2 - 1 Mansfield Plymouth 3 - 0 Macclesfield Swindon 3 - 1 FGR Walsall 1 - 2 Exeter
  2. Lambourn Red

    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2023/24

    The biggest problem Swindon have is all of our localish games dont have big away ends and have all been sold out Cheltenham, FGR, Newport, Northampton, Orient(Fast Train to london). The fans are trying to get a 3K to walsall initiative going at the end of the month and as we creep towards...
  3. Lambourn Red

    Luton vs Swindon

  4. Lambourn Red

    Top(STFC) vs Bottom(CTFC)

    As predicted should be 4 up and Crawley have 1 attack and score Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. Lambourn Red

    Top(STFC) vs Bottom(CTFC)

    This has got an away win written all over it, on paper we should get a decent win but I just know what is going to happen we will batter them and then concede a late breakaway goal. Hopefully the signing of the vastly experienced Matty Taylor will add much needed experience that we have been...
  6. Lambourn Red

    Carlisle v Swindon Hopefully they have managed to book some mini buses or train
  7. Lambourn Red

    Carlisle v Swindon

    Just seen that on facebook what a cnut not a lot you can do at 4am when the coaches dont turn up Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  8. Lambourn Red

    Carlisle v Swindon

    Would have gone but flying to brisbane for my sister's wedding so will miss Exeter and Morecambe as well Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. Lambourn Red

    Who are your true rivals??

    Depends what side of Swindon you live I hate reading far more than both brizzle teams although none compare to the yellow p1ss stained filth Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. Lambourn Red

    Carlisle v Swindon

    We have sold 380 advance tickets and i would expect another 200 to buy on the gate so not a bad turnout considering the shut we have witnessed for 2 seasons[emoji106] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. Lambourn Red

    Carlisle v Swindon

    We have signed 10 new players and have a whole new coaching setup so playing us first is probably beneficial for you as we will be top 5 come may. I think we will get another 4 in by the end of august. I still think we will be good enough for a point nect saturday so a 1 1 draw is my prediction...
  12. Lambourn Red

    Who are your true rivals??

    Massive derby [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. Lambourn Red

    Swindon v Rochdale

    Furlong fouled him and then the number 39 retaliated and took a swipe at him.
  14. Lambourn Red

    Match Day Wobblers v Cobblers

    :lol: I am in that bottom photo that was a great away day nothing like a last minute winner with a sold out away end I think it was New Year's Eve as well
  15. Lambourn Red

    Oxford v Swindon

  16. Lambourn Red

    Oxford vs Peterborough

    Sounds very much like our season last year when we had 10 first teamers on the sidelines for a few weeks which saw us fall to bottom place so beware.
  17. Lambourn Red

    Swindon v Foreign Legion

    The pitch will be like a bowling green, our team may not be the best but the Pitch is always top class all season. I think we could surprise a few this season despite all the negativity, i am going for a 2 -1 win in front of 7,800
  18. Lambourn Red

    Welcome to Bristol Rovers and Oxford United

    Well at least we might get some away fans at the country ground next year rather than the couple of van loads that normally turn up every week
  19. Lambourn Red

    The League One Relegation Thread 15/16

    Chesterfield were very poor today I think they will have just enough points but they looked like a relegation threatened team today I don't know how we never won by more . Big summer for us the owner has show a bit more ambition in the transfer market to avoid another season at the bottom end.
  20. Lambourn Red

    Swindon v Millwall

    Judging by the reaction of your fans you would have thought we had relegated you , you do know you got a point chin up.


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