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  1. dedwardp

    Joining League Two for 24/25

    Blimey, that's depressing.
  2. dedwardp

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    Sure he started with a drop ball rather than a free kick. Still should have been a booking, though.
  3. dedwardp

    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2023/24

    If Bournemouth and Brentford can do it, then why can't Wrexham?
  4. dedwardp

    New Sky Sports EFL deal. When they announced this last year, they said that the deal was worth "£935m over a five-year period", representing a 50% increase. "The uplifted element of the domestic broadcast deal is likely to be fed into the...
  5. dedwardp

    New Sky Sports EFL deal.

    I doubt it will have as much of an impact to teams down here as it might seem at first. If every club is on 'at least' 20 times, that no doubt means most clubs in League Two will just be on 20 times other than whoever is winning the league etc. Looking through our fixtures just gone, 17 of them...
  6. dedwardp

    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2020/21

    That is a big test for Bonner though, isn't it? He was a Cambridge fan who had worked there for years and was basically part of the furniture, working his way through many roles before landing the top job. This will be a totally different proposition, going into an entirely new club and with a...
  7. dedwardp

    Welcome Bromley!

    I watched the Bromley Boys a few weeks ago (a reasonable enough watch to be fair) and although they were clearly awful and struggling at that level at the time, there were quite a number of sides in the Isthmian League with them at that time who have gone on to a good standard (Wycombe, Sutton...
  8. dedwardp

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    Colchester is predominantly Ipswich, West Ham and Tottenham I would say, then Arsenal and Chelsea, then your typical population of Man United and Liverpool. Strangely, as you head further east away from London and into Tendring around Clacton etc I think it gets even worse for West Ham and...
  9. dedwardp

    Joining League Two for 24/25

    Ah, fair enough. Appears to have been 2,600 for the regular season - reckon that will be circa 3,000 next year though with a few extra locals and away fans so no worse than Accrington, Harrogate and Salford. 2,600 is no worse than Aldershot or Rochdale who would be considered league clubs.
  10. dedwardp

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    That applies across the south too, to be fair!
  11. dedwardp

    Joining League Two for 24/25

    We won 4-0 at Bromley in the FA Cup a number of years ago, but I think there were three divisions between us at that point. I don't remember reading about them having any notable money or anything (?), so just sounds like a journey of steady progress to me. Fair play to them. Just looking too...
  12. dedwardp

    2024-25 Season Ticket Prices

    Our season ticket prices have been frozen, albeit with an extra 5% discount for anybody renewing one - so roughly an extra free game. Renewal price behind the goal is £323 and then £340 until the end of June. On the side we're still persisting with charging a different price for every block...
  13. dedwardp

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    The law is no different for a goalkeeper as it is for any outfield player. So handball outside the box for a goalkeeper is a yellow card offence if it 'interferes with or stops a promising attack' and is a red card offence if it is 'denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring...
  14. dedwardp

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    It isn't - the final is on Sunday 19 May. Our play-off final against Torquay in 1998 was moved to the Friday night though because England were playing a friendly on the Saturday against somebody like Saudi Arabia.
  15. dedwardp

    Joining League Two for 24/25

    From what I've read in the past couple of weeks I thought it sounded like there was a fair chance Clarke would walk if they dropped.
  16. dedwardp

    Relegation Thread 23/24 Sponsored by Sadford City

    Full credit to Sutton for making such a good fight of it from a position where they looked long gone at one stage. After four miserable seasons I feel more confident in Cowley to have us back in the other half of the table next season, so hopefully we'll have a good clearout in the summer and...
  17. dedwardp

    Saturday 27th April

    I thought we were probably just about value for all three points today, but letting in an injury time goal to drop points sums up the season so might as well finish on that note.
  18. dedwardp

    Saturday 20th & Tuesday 23rd April

    They did, yeah. If I remember rightly Preston came to us that day unbeaten in about 27 games or something ridiculous, and just needing a result to go up. Whilst as well as winning our game, we also still needed about three other results to go in our favour so would have been very long odds on us...
  19. dedwardp

    Saturday 20th & Tuesday 23rd April

    The next decider is games won, so we would just about come on top with 11 wins versus 10.
  20. dedwardp

    Saturday 20th & Tuesday 23rd April

    That went about as badly as it could have tonight, utterly awful in every way. Doncaster weren't even trying to score any more goals when it was 2-1 and we still managed to blow the goal difference a bit further! Horrendous evening.


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