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    National League Fixtures - 26/10/19

    I didn't think Wrexham were too bad tbh, also didn't think you were great, but showed enough to not go down. Surely four worse teams.
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    Betting thread

    Notts County to win. Dagenham not to lose. 3/1 double.
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2023/24

    New owners, and new management since he was here, so I doubt it. Plus our squad is too big already
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    National League - 26/12/2018 Fixtures

    That was maybe the most enjoyable home match I've been to. Great game, packed ground (no chance of us safely hitting the 6k capacity) and a late win. Orient were good, I wouldn't be concerned if I was of a fan of theirs. But we're flying currently, is a little annoying that the current playoff...
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    National League Fixtures - 25/9/2018

    Solihull away, pretty much a free hit. Would like to see Minns and/or Bellamy get their debut, no idea if they're good or not, but would be good to have the chance to find out.
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    National League - 4/8/2018 Opening Day Fixtures.

    I reckon we'll get a point at Borehamwood. But basing that on nothing much, will be seeing over half the team for the first time today.
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    The Holidays Thread

    I'm far from an expert on Dublin. But surely everyone knows to not go Temple Bar. American tourists paying €8 for a Guinness.
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2023/24

    Ashley not Kane* I always liked him when we had him in L2.
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    National League Play-off Thread 2017/18

    I'd rather Tranmere go up, I'm not expecting Borehamwood to drop into obscurity, but Tranmere will always be a top side in the league with the fanbase and their budget
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    National League Budgets

    We're still getting some Football League money after being relegated 18 months ago. Stops after 2 seasons though....
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    Match Day Saint Yates day (Jan 27th) National League fixtures.

    I didn't go yesterday, but it's hard to defend Stilly currently. Sutton away last weekend could have been 7-1, tactics are baffling, team selection is bizarre each and every week, and the state of the teams ahead of us. He was given a fair amount to spend in the summer (relatively speaking) and...
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    National League Fixtures - 20/1/2018

    I hate plastic pitches - No matter the result today, it'll be a crap match to watch. I do think we'll turn up though. 3-1 win.
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    Match Day National League Fixtures 30th December 2017

    Agree with the Ebbsfleet poster, we were the better team, but probably not by enough to warrant the win. Bloomfield looked good when he came on, hoping he gets a start on Monday
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2023/24

    Decent defender, not amazing. But scored a couple of crucial goals for us. Has a rocket of a shot
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    Most tinpot thing I ever heard. (tinpot thread)

    The away end at Maidstone was not fit for purpose when we went. It's an accident waiting to happen.
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    2017/18 FA Trophy

    Made 1 change from our recent starting 11.
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    Things We Hate

    Train drivers who insist on saying "please mind the doors, doors are about to close, please mind the doors, this train is ready to depart, stay clear of the doors". The doors beep for 5 seconds before closing as it is!
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    Favourite museums/galleries/places of culture in the UK

    I really enjoy the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National History Museum. Is on now until May. And I'm saying this as someone who doesn't have an interest in photography or animals. It's the one cultural thing I do every year, would highly recommend.


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