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    Hull v Man Utd Sat 27th August 17:30

    It was a deserved win in the end, was superb defending but the pressure paid off. Rashford and Mkhitaryan showing what we all knew that both should be starting in this side, not sure if both will with City next but at least one of them I hope. Pogba was frustrating me with his constant shooting...
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    WWE Smackdown LIVE Discussion Thread

    The Miz promo was fantastic, hopefully they build from it, one of the best characters in WWE. I am not feeling Ambrose as champ as much as a face anyway, he comes across like a dick and needs to be a heel, I hope we get a double turn at Backlash, AJ needs to be a face. I would have Dean get...
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    Hull v Man Utd Sat 27th August 17:30

    I think it was a decent performance so far, some good play, movement has been good, Zlatan has been terrific just need someone to get into the right position. Fellaini should come off, get Schneiderlin on to protect and definitely Mkhitaryan soon for Rooney, I wouldnt mind Rashford either, I...
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    Week 35 Scenarios (Deadline: 12.45 - Sat 23 Apr 2016)

    F G L S X Z - Spurs 2-1 WBA
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    Week 34 Scenarios (Deadline: 12.45 - Sat 16 Apr 2016)

    P T U V Y Z Newcastle 2-1 Swansea
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    WWE Raw Discussion Thread

    I didnt even realise that was happening but for Raw in London this Monday! I thought it was a fantastic Raw from start to finish, some fresh matchups, every segment had a purpose, more backstage stuff going on, Miz/Maryse stuff could be pretty good actually especially with the hollywood "takes"...
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    WWE Raw Discussion Thread

    Pretty good show I thought, I hope Reigns keeps this attitude, I'd have him presented as a face but with these heel mannerisms and cockiness that hes the champion so he keeps getting booed as we all know if we were to genuinely turn heel he would actually start to get cheered. I didnt see AJ...
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    WWE Wrestlemania 32 (2016 - Sunday 3rd April) - Discussion Thread

    I eagerly await tonights show to see what direction the fallout heads, I do feel something big will go down, I dont think the Shane angle is over just yet. When injured stars return and the talent roster WWE now have on the main roster and of course NXT, there is hope for the future, it really...
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    WWE Wrestlemania 32 (2016 - Sunday 3rd April) - Discussion Thread

    I got up at 6am and just finished the show now,, match quality wise I thought the show was really good, main event was disappointing though. Results and booking wise is very strange, nothing has changed really beside Corbins wins and Ryder winning (which was a great moment for him after being...
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    Fantastic PPV, enjoyed each match although a little disappointed in Austin Aries reaction, crowd was hot all night but somewhat lacklustre in that match, annoying as Aries is a big favourite of mine. Zayn/Nakamura was superb though, it was my first time seeing him wrestle and the guy is very...
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    Week 32 Scenarios (Deadline: 12.45 - Sat 2 Apr 2016)

    A E J K V Z - Liverpool 1-1 Tottenham
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    Week 31 Scenarios (Deadline: 12.45 - Sat 19 Mar 2016)

    C M O S V Z - City 2-1 United
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    The Coalition of Expensive Chaos

    In relation to academies, its also the issue of funding, there are huge conversion costs involved that the budget isnt going to cover, are schools going to be forced to pay themselves? Most schools are already running budget deficits. The national curriculum freedom is irrelevant as there is no...
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    Week 30 Scenarios (Deadline: 12.45 - Sat 12 Mar 2016)

    Sorry I am late, choose selections unrelated to early kick off. G H J L Y Leicester/Newcastle Z Man United 2-1 West Ham
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    Week 29 Scenarios (Deadline: 12.45 - Sat 5 Mar 2016)

    F G K R U Z - Chelsea 2-0 Stoke
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    Week 28 Scenarios (Deadline: 19.45 - Tue 1 Mar 2016)

    J N S R V Z Bournemouth 2-1 Southampton
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    Week 27 Scenarios (Deadline: 12.45 - Sat 27 Feb 2016)

    E K L M Y - West Brom 2-1 Palace Z West Ham 1-1 Sunderland
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    Week 26 Scenarios (Deadline: 12.45 - Sat 13 Feb 2016)

    E F L T Y - Martial Z - Arsenal 2-1 Leicester
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    Week 25 Scenarios (Deadline: 12.45 - Sat 6 Feb 2016)

    E G I O Y - Swansea 1-1 Palace Z - Spurs 2-1 Watford
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    Week 24 Scenarios (Deadline: 19.45 - Tue 2 Feb 2016)

    F G I M S Z - Man United 2-1 Stoke


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