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  1. Furry Beaver

    World Cup 2018

    Scotland will no doubt bottle it away to Slovenia for another glorious failure.
  2. Furry Beaver

    The Joke thread

    Two parents and their children, a boy and a girl are sitting round the table at dinner time. The girl asks "Why did you call me Teresa?" The father replies "Well your Mother loves Easter and Teresa has the same letters as Easter" The son then asks "What about my name?" "Be quiet Alan!"
  3. Furry Beaver

    Things We Hate

    Sexual frustration.
  4. Furry Beaver

    Scotland v England, World Cup Qualifying 10th June 17:00

    I didn't condemn all Rangers fans for it though, just the vocal ones that make themselves seen on social media and heard at the games, they always sing the Jimmy Saville chant towards Hibs games and at Celtic games, if you watch the Mouse Dembele goal v Rangers at Hampden in the league cup semi...
  5. Furry Beaver

    Scotland v England, World Cup Qualifying 10th June 17:00

    You wouldn't be saying that if you saw how attractive my sister was.
  6. Furry Beaver

    Scotland v England, World Cup Qualifying 10th June 17:00

    This is how i view it as well, i think the English like the Scots more than the other way round but there is no Scottish football fan who doesn't watch the EPL and almost no Scottish person who doesn't have a friend/relative who isn't English. The supporters chanting "If you hate the fcking...
  7. Furry Beaver

    Scotland v England, World Cup Qualifying 10th June 17:00

    The Jimmy Saville chant first started from Rangers fans singing it towards Celtic fans in relation to their paedophilia scandal years ago, they also started singing it towards Hibs supporters in recent clashes which is rather bizarre considering Hibs don't have any sort of history of...
  8. Furry Beaver

    Is Richard Osman a national treasure?

    I don't like him at all, pointless is a decent enough show but they drag it out with lots of tedious nonsense and there is just something rather obnoxious about Osman, i find him patronisingly insincere.
  9. Furry Beaver

    Scotland v England, World Cup Qualifying 10th June 17:00

    Thanks mate - what an emotional rollercoaster of a day it was!
  10. Furry Beaver

    Scotland v England, World Cup Qualifying 10th June 17:00

    Yesterday morning i found out that i was going to be both a father and an uncle for the first time and today i still can't get over the crushing disappointment that has been burning away inside me since Kane scored the equaliser, i can't even bring myself to look at the highlights. I just want...
  11. Furry Beaver

    Scotland v England

    Hello Friends I just want to establish a consensus between the relationship between the largest two countries within the union that form the modern 2016 United Kingdom. Following the 2014 No vote and being from the northern partition of this imaginary border what the general every day...
  12. Furry Beaver

    Things We Like

    I like take me out.
  13. Furry Beaver

    The Holidays Thread

    Im going to England for a week in easter - stopping in at York for a couple of nights then visiting friends in Sheffield and Hereford. Quite excited about it.
  14. Furry Beaver

    Spurs v Arsenal Sat 5th March 12.45

    Going out for a few beers to watch this - The North London Derby usually delivers a good match so quite excited for it and expect a Spurs win and BTTS. Going for 2-1.
  15. Furry Beaver

    Adam Johnson

    Story of my life.
  16. Furry Beaver

    Man Utd v Arsenal

    It would appear so. Think he wants the Man Utd job and has done for a while as he wants to succeed Sir Alex, so i can see him changing his philosophy somewhat. I just can't see how LVG can stay on there, doubt they will get top 4 which is a sackable offence.
  17. Furry Beaver

    Donald Trump

    Yes - still embarrassing for all these SNP nut jobs calling for him to banned from Scotland though. There was no objections to him when he was ploughing money into Turnberry golf course but yet Sturgeon took it upon herself to strip him of his business ambassador role for Scotland after his anti...
  18. Furry Beaver

    Fallout 4 and Fallout 76

    I loved this for a while until the harsh reality that i am absolutely shite at it kicked in, i can't kill anything in it not even those large flying cockroaches. I also forget what I'm doing in it after not playing it for a few days and it can take about 3 hours to have a clue what I'm supposed...
  19. Furry Beaver

    House of Cards

    Its very good - I'm not even sure where i am but pretty sure its towards the end of series 2. I love it when the lead character is a complete bastard, its quite like Breaking Bad in that sense.


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