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  1. Crewealexfan123

    Never beat Crewe at home vs Always beat Colchester away

    The worst week in the history of Crewe Alexandra rounded off in the worst possible fashion. Shambolic. Not going another game till #davisout is gone. Seriously, I don't care if that's years. I can't see Bowler being here long after the 'investigation' is over either. Possibly (for the future...
  2. Crewealexfan123

    Crewe vs Morecambe

    A Tuesday night game that I'm actually dreading. Cheers Crewe. We don't win and I'm sacking him myself. #Davisout
  3. Crewealexfan123

    Crewe Alex v Blackpool

    Totally agree. Made a private little promise to myself a few weeks ago. A little date in my head. The club has until then to be proactive and prove the club will move forward or I will wash my hands. Just sick of being let down time and time again. I'm a student and I also work- therefore a...
  4. Crewealexfan123

    Crewe Alex v Blackpool

    I severely disagree with the legacy term. We just had a good 18 months, nowhere near enough for it to be labelled that. This isn't just aimed at your comment, but I've seen it a few times on twitter tonight. Dario Gradi built a legacy.. Alex Ferguson built a legacy.. Brian Clough.. Matt Busby...
  5. Crewealexfan123

    Crewe Alex v Blackpool

    That was just unbelievable. The penalty from inman just reminded me of the one in Mike Bassett England manager. Absolutely diabolical. Nice to see the main stand calling for Davis' head. In typical Davis fashion though, he stated it was just sections of the crowd. Arrogant at its finest. He's...
  6. Crewealexfan123

    Gills v Crewe

    Our fanbase is embarrassing, we've won 9 out of our last 53 games in all competitions and yet our players STILL get clapped off by some. I find this ridiculous, but I'm going to guess that it is one of two things: -The ones who clap just love watching the Alex, simply aren't too bothered about...
  7. Crewealexfan123

    Booers vs Brewers - Crewe vs Burton

    I'd argue that the 'crewe news' one is the worst I've seen. That's clearly run by a 13 year old who thinks he's 'diehard'.
  8. Crewealexfan123

    Southend vs League-One's-Coming-to-an-End - Southend vs Crewe

    Just the small margin of 43 points thrown away from winning positions now then. Ladies and Gentleman Crewe Alexandra
  9. Crewealexfan123

    Southend vs League-One's-Coming-to-an-End - Southend vs Crewe

    Right, then Crewe fans- let's have a sweepstake. What game are we finally going to be put out of our misery and have our relegation confirmed? I'm calling Vale on April the 9th.
  10. Crewealexfan123

    The Dull Davis Derby - Crewe vs Barnsley

    Hahahaha. The hilarious thing about this comment is that we were that awful that day, we'd have been beaten more convincingly 9 times out of 10. Got away with a 1-0 defeat. Genuinely hate some of our fan base, they have the sort of conversation on Crewe sad that was a clone of the sort of...
  11. Crewealexfan123

    Millwall vs Crewe Alexandra

    That second penalty was a joke, made the first look clearcut and that was a complete shocker too.. Good result today by us, got what we deserved. The saddest thing is that particularly today and last weekend we've proven that we can compete at this level against sides with a lot higher budgets...
  12. Crewealexfan123

    Crewe Alex 1-1 Wigan

    The even sadder thing is that I live 5 mins away from the ground, been given free tickets and still trying to find something else to do than witnessing our shower of shite. Davis out. Hassall out. Bowler out.
  13. Crewealexfan123

    Crewe Alex 1-1 Wigan

    I'd just like to put on record just how much I hate Graham Mcgarry. The guys a disgrace to hs profession. As a journalism student, in my lecture yesterday the first thing the lecturer said was 'first rule of journalism is- don't get too close to the people your interviewing, remember you walk...
  14. Crewealexfan123

    Swindon v Crewe Alex

    As I was the person who wrote that Chronicle article- it appears I wasn't the only one who had that feeling about the club. Yesterday I was speaking to a 50 year old fan whose had a season ticket every single season since he was 11 and has taken the decision not to renew because he works hard...
  15. Crewealexfan123

    Swindon v Crewe Alex

    Graham Mcgarry proved on the radio after the game what complete and utter arseholes Radio Stoke actually are. Used the quote when arguing with a fan 'the manager can't do anything when the players take to the field'. They can Graham, it's called altering tactics which deluded Davis has proven...
  16. Crewealexfan123

    Swindon v Crewe Alex

    Credit to JJ and any other die hard soul for making the journey to this one. We're completely shit anyway but the fact we always get tanked at Swindon makes this game avoidable by all accounts. Haven't travelled away since Blackpool and I'm still suffering from the mental trauma that day left me...
  17. Crewealexfan123

    Stickied League 1 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2023/24

    In fairness if he played with his legs crossed for the rest of the season he would probably still be more useful going forward than Guthrie (understandable as hes naturally a CB) and Ollie gets to the byline and lightly chips a cross into no mans land Turton.
  18. Crewealexfan123

    THE PEPSI MAX BIG ONE - Blackpool vs Crewe Relegation Six Pointer.

    I'd love it if our media uncovered the Hassall secrets like the Sentinel managed to do at Vale. Unfortunately none of them seem to have it in them to ask questions.
  19. Crewealexfan123

    Crewe Alex v Gillingham

    If there isn't a financial clause in his loan deal then Steve Davis requires mental surgery for giving Adam King the amount of game time he does. He may be the clubs top scorer but he's not good enough at all. The lad looks like a rabbit in headlights. If he's still here beyond the expiry of...
  20. Crewealexfan123

    Crewe Alex v Gillingham

    If I hadn't already booked my accommodation for Blackpool next week then there's no way I'd be going, thinking about spending the day along the seafront instead and completely forget about going to the match. Deeply saddened by everything to do with Crewe Alexandra at the minute. By the way we...


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