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  1. JP_LUFC

    Bielsa Emergency Press Conference

    I think it's the accolades he gets from revered managers (Pep, Pochettino etc) which build up this 'legend' about his past. You're quite right, the honours won section on his Wikipedia page is nothing to write home about. When he starts scrunching up £20 notes in Spanish at his press...
  2. JP_LUFC

    Stickied Transfer Rumours & Confirmed Deals Thread 2023/24

    That'll be interesting when he bumps into Billy Sharp...
  3. JP_LUFC

    Sky games

  4. JP_LUFC

    Sky games

    Unsurprising really. SYP have suggested that they'd rather put more officers on duty to accommodate a 'high profile' game and the associated drink related disorder on a Friday evening into the small hours rather than from midday on a Sunday - there's probably an argument that it works out...
  5. JP_LUFC

    Sky games

    Am I missing something straightforward here? Sky have no EFL games on TV over the weekend of 25/26/27th January? How come?
  6. JP_LUFC

    Match Day Leeds vs Blackburn

    Wow. It's so hard not to get carried away with performances like that. Never say die attitude. Bielsa was urging players forward at 2-2 in the 94th minute after just levelling.
  7. JP_LUFC

    Match Day Leeds Utd vs Bristol City

    A very mediocre performance imo. The sending off gave us the impetus to attack. Bristol offered no real threat thing forward so it's difficult to fairly judge the two young lads who made their debuts. A useful performance for confidence after West Brom.
  8. JP_LUFC

    Promotion thread 2018/19

    I should be offended, but you're absolutely right.
  9. JP_LUFC

    WBA vs Leeds 530pm KO sky

    Beaten by a more determined team today. We were never really in that and West Broms wealth of attacking talent were far too much for us
  10. JP_LUFC

    Leeds Vs Forest

    It's a shame with him, he's clearly talented enough and doesn't need to do it. 'Fessi' has an appearance clause in his contract doesn't he? Is he part of the 'injured' list?
  11. JP_LUFC

    Wigan vs Leeds

    A tricky one to call. At the start of the season, I'd have had this down as a banker but Wigan have surprised plenty of people in this league so far, especially at home. Leeds' squad has again been hit with injuries and both our first/second choice right backs are unavailable. I'd imagine...
  12. JP_LUFC

    Leeds Vs Forest

    You're trying to take the point I was making out of context. I was comparing Watkins diving in the box, conning the referee into giving a penalty to Roofe who handled it in being equivalent in terms of cheating and being wrong. Roofe will be remembered for what he did long after Watkins. It's...
  13. JP_LUFC

    Leeds Vs Forest

    The last few years at Elland Road, I've often witnessed the opposite in terms of the attacking football/'big' club point - the referees have been more defiant against a larger, vociferous crowd than they may be used to at various other grounds in the Championship/League 1. Leeds haven't had a...
  14. JP_LUFC

    Leeds Vs Forest

    So through all that tosh (apt username by the way), I think what you're trying to say is that diving is OK because it's seen as being more widely accepted, even though it's still effectively cheating? And also by your logic Kemar Roofe is likely to be remembered as a cheat for the next 32...
  15. JP_LUFC

    Leeds Vs Forest

    Doesn't make it right though does it? Both are against the rules. Diving to con the ref into getting a penalty is cheating. Handling the ball into the goal is cheating.
  16. JP_LUFC

    Leeds Vs Forest

    Roofe's handball was as bad as Watkins' dive. You can argue both were premeditated and meant it but there's no arguing that both broke the rules.
  17. JP_LUFC

    Leeds Vs Forest
  18. JP_LUFC

    Leeds Vs Forest

    Agree with the above. Leeds on the balance didn't deserve to lose that but the goal was a clear handball (albeit the first time I saw it at full speed, I thought it was ok). I think decisions like that tend to even themselves out of the course of the season but that doesn't mean it's right...
  19. JP_LUFC

    Leeds Vs Forest

    Difficult game. Whoever scores first will win IMO.
  20. JP_LUFC

    Who Gets Relegated Alongside Ipswich Thread 18/19

    Ipswich looked beaten before a ball was kicked last night. I like Hurst but he's got a job on his hands there.


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