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    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2022/23

    I think they said they'd give him October to show he could turn things round. Then decided he couldn't so sacked him as soon as November started. They don't play until Monday night so the Friday departure not quite as odd as it would have been if playing today.
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    Baseball thread

    Next year they are doing a "Fields of Dreams" game. White Sox vs Yankees in the Iowa cornfields where the movie was filmed. That would be fantastic to watch, love that movie.
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    Oldham's used to be 1 that interacted with fans quite a bit, and seemed to think himself a bit of a gymnast. Saw a mascot race at Ayr racecourse the other week with one of the runners in a wheelie bin costume.
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    The 2019/20 Division Four New Kits Thread

    Our away kit went on sale today but some of the larger sizes weren't available as Errea sent them to Grimsby and sent us some of theirs instead
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    Shirt Sales

    Vale's prices seem a bit cheaper than most on here £39.99 for adults £29.99 for kids.
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    League 2 Relegation Thread 2018/2019

    I'd imagine we'll get a league 3 only when the Premier League B teams arrive.
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    The saviour of the Vale!

    Agree to let him have concourse sales, then nobody buy anything from them, perhaps even opening kiosks outside the stands to sell stuff that wouldn't count under any agreement.
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    Port Vale v Morecambe 6 Pointer and the First Protests

    Lowest scorers in the country, we are going to get exactly what Smurf deserves.
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    2018/19 Division Four Kits

    Some of those Carlisle possible kits looked more like pjamas for a young kid than football shirts.
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    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2018/19

    Would Shrews go back to Paul Hurst?
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    FA Cup 2018/19

    Probably get Lincoln at home and get to see if they can better their 4-0 and 6-2 wins.
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    Stickied What are you currently watching?

    With Succession I don't think I've watched a show before with a set of characters where pretty much all of them are easy to hate, especially Mathew Macfadyen's. But despite this the show works and I look forward to a 2nd series.
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    Stickied What are you currently watching?

    Especially when he also seems half inclined to kill her as well.
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    Stickied What are you currently watching?

    Think you mean Keeley Hawes rather than Keira Knightley, but yeah it doesn't look bad after the first 2 parts.
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    Oakey's World Cup 2018 Predicta

    France Uruguay Spain Croatia Brazil Belgium Switzerland Colombia Oops, assumed the deadline was kick off for the first game
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    Oakey's World Cup 2018 Predicta

    Can't see my predictions on your list :sad:.
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    Oakey's World Cup 2018 Predicta

    Group A - 1st Uruguay, 2nd Egypt Group B - 1st Spain, 2nd Portugal Group C - 1st France, 2nd Peru Group D - 1st Argies, 2nd Croatia Group E - 1st Brazil, 2nd Switzerland Group F - 1st Germany, 2nd Sweden Group G - 1st Belgium, 2nd England Group H - 1st Columbia, 2nd Poland
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    Baseball thread

    Great to see Baseball coming to London next year, Red Sox vs Yankees for 2 games. Sadly its likely to be ridiculously expensive and tickets will be like gold dust.
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    Party at The Park.

    I remember when we got promoted at your place a few years ago, have fun and enjoy it.
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    Stickied Oakey’s Predicta League Two 2023/24

    Vale @ Cambridge Draw Thanks for running this all season Oakey.


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