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  1. SkyBlueElephant

    2017-18 League Two Play-Off Final Exeter City v Coventry City

    GG Exeter, best of luck next season. Our quality was simply too great on the day for them.
  2. SkyBlueElephant

    Notts 1-4 Coventry+Officials - Play Off Semi-Final 2nd Leg

    In defence of the ref for the Tom Davies one, it was one of them off the ball the incidents the the refs often simply don't see. Can't really blame the referee for missing it although if he does see it, it is obviously a red. Wouldn't say that was referee error as he simply didn't see it, and he...
  3. SkyBlueElephant

    Notts 1-4 Coventry+Officials - Play Off Semi-Final 2nd Leg

    So the better team didn't win? We got most of the decisions, yes (although your lad should have been sent off first half today for his head pushed into Mcnulty, Mcnulty does sort of push his head back but ends up missing and hitting fresh air so don't know how you want to interpret that bit)...
  4. SkyBlueElephant

    Notts 1-4 Coventry+Officials - Play Off Semi-Final 2nd Leg

    You had about a 20 minute spell in both matches tonight and at the Ricoh where the long ball and trying to win the second ball looked like it might pay off for you and you put us under pressure The rest of the time we had you chasing shadows.
  5. SkyBlueElephant

    Coventry v Notts - Play Off Semi-Final 1st Leg

    So how did that work out? Did he get every coin and bottle thrown at him, looks like our lad Bayliss played your boys off the park.
  6. SkyBlueElephant

    Notts 1-4 Coventry+Officials - Play Off Semi-Final 2nd Leg

    Decisions went our way over the 2 legs, but truth is we simply outclassed them over the 2 legs.
  7. SkyBlueElephant

    Grimsby vs Coventry

    You can't really tell on video whether the ref had told him to go back but just going from the visuals you can 100% see why it has stood.
  8. SkyBlueElephant

    Grimsby vs Coventry

    Calamity Clarke dropped a clanger for the first goal whatever way you look at it. Would have expected better from an experienced head
  9. SkyBlueElephant

    Grimsby vs Coventry

    I fully expect Grimsby to be Russell Salde's last ever club at a professional level
  10. SkyBlueElephant

    Incident at London Bridge

    The world is broken, I don't know how we move past this but it's clear whatever we are doing is not effective and it's escalating. I don't want to hear meaningless words on how we will stand united, and stay strong and go about our normal live. What does this actually mean? It seems it means we...
  11. SkyBlueElephant

    Bradford v Millwall

    Morison just said in interview they have ruined it for him
  12. SkyBlueElephant

    The 2016/17 Relegation Thread

    I expect a couple will leave but not a fire sale for the reason that simply no one will want them. G Thomas, Willis and Stevenson are the ones most likely to attract interest. Probably two of them will leave.
  13. SkyBlueElephant

    Coventry vs Charlton

    Is this guy a parody account pretending to be a Charlton fan?
  14. SkyBlueElephant

    The 2016/17 Relegation Thread

    Not just Slade, we pissed about with the useless twat Venus for about 3 months. We spent about three quarters of the season under the two useless tossers. We'd have survived if robins was recruited when mowbray left but the useless idiot fisher had no idea what he was doing. Ah well IF...
  15. SkyBlueElephant

    Just passing through...

    Nice one Donny Ferguson a good manager for you capable of doing something next year or do Doncaster just have a much better team than the rest of league 2?
  16. SkyBlueElephant

    The 2016/17 Promotion Thread

    Congrats, about time you got out of here, two biggest clubs leaving league one this season. One going down and the other up. Won't even begrudge you your pitch invasion either even after all the shit Sheffield utd fans threw our way earlier in the season.
  17. SkyBlueElephant

    EFL Trophy rules changed again....quietly!

    Although I won't be surprised to see us upset a few teams who think we are an easy 3 points between now and the end of the season.
  18. SkyBlueElephant

    EFL Trophy rules changed again....quietly!

    We're down mate, although with robins in charge we will be a decent shout for play offs next year. If he doesn't leave us that is.
  19. SkyBlueElephant

    EFL Trophy rules changed again....quietly!

    Well i would say more than 90% of Coventry fans are going, going what you were saying earlier we have about 250% of our fan base attending. Coventry fans don't care what the competition it is, for many it is the first and maybe only chance to get to see Coventry play at the national stadium...
  20. SkyBlueElephant

    EFL Trophy rules changed again....quietly!

    We won't be bouncing back anytime soon mate, we've never been further away from bouncing back. I'd be surprised if we were still in the football league within 5-10 years. Pretty much anyone under the age of 35 will never have seen Coventry play at Wembley or be to young to remember so it was...


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