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  1. Calstag

    Attacks in Paris + Belgium

    The irony that the news crew were on the phone to an "American working for nato" who's "had an interesting morning" ....... As for the baby it was pretty damn don't you think ? Who is Isis? Are they the same as Al Qaeda or the ones before them ?
  2. Calstag

    Mansfield v Yeovil

    On that pitch lol I think it's in good nick considering we've just had winter, hope you play Newport away next lol
  3. Calstag

    The Flat Earth

  4. Calstag

    Creepy Crawley v Mighty Mansfield

    I'd change Blair for lambe, from tues and here's hoping for a 1/2-0 be nice to get a clean sheet!
  5. Calstag

    Strangest/funniest thing you have heard over a club's PA system

    Carlisle the year we finished 3rd to go up last game of season, pa bloke, can Darren smith answer your phone, your wife is in hospital she's gone into labour ! All the crowd cheered!!! To be fair it was a 50/50 decision child birth or football ;)
  6. Calstag

    FA Cup 3rd round

    Thought Exeter should of won by 3/4, both scouse goals were very sloppy and the type us lower league sides concede to the top sides ! And we get punished, but never mind it's all about the £££ for us in the cups , enjoy what we missed out on anfield!!!
  7. Calstag

    The Flat Earth

  8. Calstag

    Mansfield v Accrington

    Do people expect more than mid table lolol , accy were the 2nd best side to visit the mill behind Exeter , there movement going forwards made me feel sick ! They were great to watch, with a bit of experience thrown in their too, a dark hourse to WIN the play offs may be ??
  9. Calstag

    Meet your strawman

  10. Calstag

    Fifa Ultimate Team thread.

    If anyone fancies a game porkypig550 on ps4 ??? Ps EA servers keeps kicking me off every 1/10 games ish , they can expect a phone call as the last time cost me my place in div 2 on UT !!!
  11. Calstag

    MTFC v YCFC - Please don't beat us 4-1 again

    I agree on Blair , he's all pace and 2/10 crosses are decent , Thomas yesterday in the space of 5 mins of coming on skinned his man 2/3 times and set green up which if he just nicked the ball he'd of scored , I think he met it to cleanly if you get what I mean ?? I still don't think we'll make...
  12. Calstag

    FA Cup Round 1

    now that would be funny !
  13. Calstag

    Pompey v Mansfield

  14. Calstag

    Pompey v Mansfield

    I'd take a 0-0 or 1-1 right now , I'm not holding my breath for the 3 points but it'd be the result of the season for us with the unsettled side ATM , but I'm sure the lads are full of confidence and don't fear anyone COYS
  15. Calstag

    Fifa 16 (PS4)

    Come on then , let's av it
  16. Calstag

    The Stags vs The Gas

    Errm excuse me but no , rovers had absolutely nowt to offer till we went down to 9 , then effectively 7 , if you dint win with more holes in our defence than a broffol then ....... Seriously come on rovers fans yea it was 2 very well taken goals I no but you did look rather clueless till the man...
  17. Calstag

    The Stags vs The Gas

    Well here go's ..... Firstly rovers offered nowt till we went down to 9 , caught with 2 absolute sucker punches , we didn't see any of the "fine form" they've been in tbf , I think we dominated without really testing their keeper to often enough today was your typical smash n grab IMO , and I'm...
  18. Calstag

    The Stags vs The Gas

    Think it will be a good game , looking forward considering rovers will want to put 1 on us ! Expecting some trouble as it kicked off out side their ground on that last day , so all in all should be tasty hoping it's 2-0 stags , think we might be to strong at the back COYS


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