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  1. Crewelad87

    PSF Chat 24/25

    They've said Stoke will be bringing there strongest team apparantly, which will make that game mildly interesting I suppose. Tamworth is abit different also, might make the trip for that one, see if we can put to rest the horrors of the fa cup game there in 2010.
  2. Crewelad87

    2024-25 Season Ticket Prices

    Our sales are said to be 15% up on last season. No idea how many we sold last year though. I think it was around 2500 though.
  3. Crewelad87

    2024/25 Squads - KEEP/GET RID/BURN THEM AT THE STAKE, etc

    Chris Long signed a new 1 year deal. One of the best strikers at this level, but he just doesn't play enough games. Really hope it's reduced terms or appearance based.
  4. Crewelad87

    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2024/25

    Can't believe Nevs gone Gillingham, no disrespect to the Gills as I know ow they can pay more than us, but I was sure he would go league 1 and didn't see him moving down south. You've got a cracking player though who will give 110% and as long as your fans and manager are patient with him he...
  5. Crewelad87

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    It genuinely is, of course I would have loved to have won and been promoted and have a good go at league 1, and financially its what is best for the club. But it would have been a real hard season next year, that may have not been that enjoyable. We go again and as always with a Crewe team, I'm...
  6. Crewelad87

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    I'm not as gutted as I thought I'd be to be honest. The truth is, it was a step too far and were probably not ready for league 1. It's been a fantastic season with some very memorable moments. Congratulations to Crawley, over 3 games they were fantastic and worthy play off winners. There fans...
  7. Crewelad87

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    Nerves and excitement really kicking in, after watching the league 1 game, I just prey we turn up. Don't mind losing as long as we give it a right good go. Bolton didn't look like they turned up today. My 4 am alarm can't come soon enough. I honestly wish Crawley all the best aswell, let the...
  8. Crewelad87

    The best L2 team ever?

    See I think our 2013 team were better. They just had a horrid start to the season, once they realised they were good and could play football we were by far the beat side in the league from Christmas onwards. Steve Phillips was quality in goal. Harry Davis and Dave Artell a great partnership at...
  9. Crewelad87

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    8000 sold for us on day 1. Although only went on general sale at 4pm. Some of our fans have complained about it but I think it's done better and should make for a better atmosphere in our end as alot of our core support will be sat together, whereas in the Crawley end the day trippers will be...
  10. Crewelad87

    New Kit Thread 24/25

    One of our best ones. I think weve had a few decent away kits, but our home kits are usually abit naff, where as this one looks really smart.
  11. Crewelad87

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    Hard to make the most of pre game when it's an early kick off and were got 3-4 hour journey. The efl and sky as always looking after the fans ................... luckily my coach is leaving at 5:30 am so will get there with plenty of time pre match.
  12. Crewelad87

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    Chuffed for Mickey Demetriou aswell last night, (yes he missed his pen) but he was a warrior and a leader last night. He didn't have his best day on Monday that's for sure, and I saw many mocking him and asking at why he was in the league 2 team of the year. Last night was the true Mickey...
  13. Crewelad87

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    I'm lost for words, did not expect that tonight. But we've had a few moments like that this season, didn't expect to go to Stockport and Mansfield and win, or come back from 2 down away at Wimbledon, but this team has balls and has spirit. We will fight to the end. So so proud of them lads and...
  14. Crewelad87

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    We have no place being in these play offs and that was clear this evening. We had relegation form for the last 2 months, Forest Green would put up a better showing currently. In February we looked like an automatic promotion team, but this team now is a million miles off the one that did the...
  15. Crewelad87

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    Really don't get the Doncaster fans complaints over tickets, particularly on twitter alot seem to just not get it. We've actually allocated them more than we had to, whereas they've allocated us less than we have them and literally the bare minimum that they have too. Again I believe these are...
  16. Crewelad87

    Joining League Two for 24/25

    Southend can easily pull 30,000 by themselves to be fair. They played us in the paint pot trophy a few years ago and they had over 30k fans at Wembley.
  17. Crewelad87

    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2024/25

    No chance, we're already selling them to home fans. Likewise I expect we will sell our away allocation of 1589 at your gaff very quickly, only went on sale to season ticket holders today, I doubt they will make general sale next Tuesday.
  18. Crewelad87

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    We will take somewhere between 12,000 - 16,000 if we got there I'd think. I'd guess Donny would have around 20,000 Crawley and MK hard to guess, both alot closer and have large catchment areas.
  19. Crewelad87

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    I'm not so sure, I think we will sell them pretty quickly. Certainly a positive result on Monday and they will be gone by Tuesday.
  20. Crewelad87

    2023/24 League Two Play-Offs

    we've been allocated 1589 tickets for the 2nd leg at Donny. Abit less than what we've given them, but I'm guessing they've gone with the Bare minimum and given us 10%.


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