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  1. BeeSting

    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2024/25

    Played on loan for us last season, hardly played and when he did he was terrible. Would go missing for weeks, Dean Brennan constantly in interviews saying we dont kjnow where he is. Overweight and I believe uninterested in football. Thought he'd end up in the NLN let alone get another league move
  2. BeeSting

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    We've just signed full back Teddy Howe whos just been let go by Blackpool, believe he had a loan spell at Scunthorpe last season. Probably crap but looks a good signing on paper
  3. BeeSting

    Match Day National League Saturday Dec 11

    Plkus the fact you had an easy start and the moment the fixtures got tougher you start dropping like a stone
  4. BeeSting

    Ups and downs

    It been a little longer than that since you were a league club.
  5. BeeSting

    Ups and downs

    Halifax have probably not been a league club since you were born
  6. BeeSting

    National League Fixtures 23/11

    You've signed enough players to last you three transfer windows
  7. BeeSting


    What knowledge of NLF does Collymore have? I would suggest very little if none! He's going to look stupid when he gets the appointment wrong.
  8. BeeSting

    Stickied Transfer Rumours 2024/25

    if I was him I'd wait for the inevitable sacking of Phil Brown, he should get another look in then.
  9. BeeSting

    Who really had the easiest start?

    We've had by far the hardest start, plus we're dog turd so makes it even harder. Notts Co - Loadsa Money Solihull - Loadsa Money Dag & Red - Loadsa Money Grimsby - Probably spending Loadsa Money Eastleigh - Bankrolled Loadsa Money Chesterfield - LOADSA MONEY Bromley - Bankrolled Loadsa Money
  10. BeeSting

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    Fits the profile, injury prone player who would be too good at this level if not for the injuries. Will probably get about ten games in this season. Why are we signing wingers when we desperately need central midfielders!
  11. BeeSting

    2019/20 shan off the gaffa race

    Was Josh Doherty as bad for you as he is for us?
  12. BeeSting

    National League Fixtures - 14th September

    5 penalties we’ve given away this season. Clubs in absolute ruins. Even proven league experienced defenders turn into plumbers when they play for us.
  13. BeeSting

    Match Day NL fixtures Saturday Sept 4

    Expecting to be at least 2/3 down by half time.
  14. BeeSting

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    We’ve signed goalkeeper Aston Oxborough on a season long loan from Norwich. Was on loan at that bitter tinpot outfit down the road the season they got promoted I believe.
  15. BeeSting

    Match Day National League fixtures August 28

    Can’t get over the fact it’s a Saturday at 5pm and we haven’t lost.
  16. BeeSting

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    Seen him play play in the FA youth cup which villa won. Very good player.
  17. BeeSting

    National League opening day fixtures - 21/08

    Our attendances have been on the decline over the last few years. I would expect about a thousand or so max home supporters.
  18. BeeSting

    Stickied Transfer Rumours 2024/25

    Loach is in the top three goalkeepers in this division.
  19. BeeSting

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    Sh*t or bust for Chesterfield this season.
  20. BeeSting

    Line up for the first gane

    GK. New Gk RWB. David Sesay (if he signs, been on trial all summer) RCB. Jamie Turley CB. Ben Richards-Everton LCB. Joe Widdowson LWB. Josh Doherty CM. Mitch Brundle CM. Josh Payne AMC. Serhat Tasdemir ST. Adam Marriott ST. Mason Bloomfield Seems like we have a few injuries, 6 or 7 players...


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