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  1. slaphead

    National League Fixtures 18/19th February

    I’ve been here since the beginning too, but this place is done, and with a sell out to a company that will try and use it as a cash cow, I don’t see it coming back. With that, I’m out.
  2. slaphead


    Tinpot thread please.
  3. slaphead

    2019/20 shan off the gaffa race

    Because, though he is a decent football manager, he is a fucking abysmal human being.
  4. slaphead

    29th Jan Fixtures

    Normally the thought of a trip to the seaside would be high on the list, but the idea of watching Moseley set us up 9-1-0 and play solely not to lose fills me with despair so I’ll stay home and listen on the radio, at least I can turn it off when it gets too tedious.
  5. slaphead

    Match Day National League Fixtures Tue Jan 25

    Can’t say I agree Sam, I was really impressed when we signed him, thought he’d be a great signing, but from the start he never looked bothered and apart from a couple of games never looked anything other than ordinary. Agreed he looked better towards the end of the season but I suspect he was...
  6. slaphead

    Match Day National League Fixtures Tue Jan 25

    Except when he was with us and he was toilet. The Danny Searle effect.
  7. slaphead

    Match Day National League Fixtures Tue Jan 25

    Doesn't work for us, ours is the biggest pitch in the division but we only seem to use a bit of it, usually the bit that's not a swamp.
  8. slaphead

    2019/20 shan off the gaffa race

    Villa to, tapping up players for his old man’s agency.
  9. slaphead

    2019/20 shan off the gaffa race

    B Hate to say I told you so, but……
  10. slaphead

    National League Fixtures 21st & 22nd January

    Can’t do Chesterfield due to starting work late, so will satisfy my post Xmas football fix at Maidenhead as a neutral. Weirdly looking forward to it.
  11. slaphead

    15th Jan Games

    He was our best player in three spells with us, and a major reason why we mounted a couple of playoff challenges. If he could stay fit and put a long run of games together he’s easily a L1/lower end Championship player.
  12. slaphead

    National League Fixtures 8 Jan

    Standard at this level. In my experience, we never, ever got a local ref to call a game off early as they never had the balls, even though the pitch was clearly unplayable. They would always defer to the match day official no matter how inconvenient it was to travelling teams and supporters. One...
  13. slaphead

    New Years Games

    Shots win at Kingfield. New Year, same old same old…..
  14. slaphead

    National league fixtures 28th December

    Given our position, if that's what he did then Molesley is a fool. We should be taking one game at a time and not looking ahead, given Dagenhams form this was a game we should have been looking to get something from. Woking is a week away nearly, plenty of recovery time before then.
  15. slaphead

    Match Day National League Boxing Day fixtures

    Thought our pen the contact was outside and looked harsh. Draw was a deserved result though, neither team did enough to win it.
  16. slaphead

    Match Day National League Saturday Dec 11

    Just wondering, what’s Southends support at Notts Co. like?
  17. slaphead

    National League 2021/22

    Posting this as Marvin was my friend. I met him when I was a volunteer at Aldershot, he was just the nicest bloke. In his time with the Shots we had some laughs, he was great to be around and appreciated the efforts of all those who helped out around the club, and more than once went out of his...
  18. slaphead

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    And with us. How the fuck he is a pro footballer God alone knows.
  19. slaphead

    Stickied Non-League Away Support 2024/25

    687 Mariners at Shots. Magnificent effort.


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