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    Tuesday 31st October & Tuesday 7th November

    You scraped past them I see
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    The tinpot thread

    Only takes an hour from London to Ipswich doesn't it? Don't hang about scoffing all that stuff then.
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    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2020/21

    But if he resigned in December and started at Colchester in June then presumably he didn't, '...bring this Agreement to an end... to take up employment at... another football club...' Because there was a six month gap.
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    League 2 General Chat Thread

    He might need a translator that far south
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    Friday 20th & Saturday 21st October

    BBC weather says it's gonna piss down all night in Mansfield too.
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    Friday 20th & Saturday 21st October

    9am pitch inspection at Mansfield apparently
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    Saturday 14th October 2023

    Nah we're gonna keep extending his emergency 7-day loan for the rest of the season
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    Registered squad lists 2023/24

    Definitely, but also could be worth leaving at least one spare spot in case a good opportunity presents itself
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    Registered squad lists 2023/24

    But there are diamonds among the free agents. Last year we picked up Dylan McGeouch in November, who was probably our best player of the season (not a very high bar mind you). And in late September 2017 we signed Isaiah Osbourne, who did more than most to keep us in the Football League that season.
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    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2024/25

    Saudi window is still open. Hence £2M fee for Armstrong.
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    Pizza Cup 23-24

    Walloped the Salop 3-0
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    Saturday 9th September

    Just put the frost covers two feet from the touchline like what we did. I know it's warm this week, but you can never be too careful.
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    Which would you choose?

    Probably Holly unless the genie could be persuaded to swap Spurs for a big club
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    The 1 to 24 League Two prediction comp 23/24

    Is this true? Because if it is I'm very relieved.
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    Saturday 12th August 2023

    'Gongoozler'. Had to google that.
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    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2024/25

    was an absolute hero for us but it was a few years ago now
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    Saturday August 5th Fixtures

    Who's in Stroud?
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    The First Ever Official ‘GOING FOR IT’ Thread

    It'll all end in tears, probably.
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    League 2 General Chat Thread

    Something about the eye makes it look psychotic


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