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  1. Heedtastic

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    He's been solid for us, but not much more. Under our circumstances we needed to keep him as we need some experienced senior players in the spine to stand a chance of stopping up, but if you want to challenge for promotion he's really only a squad player nowadays.
  2. Heedtastic

    2017/18 Fixtures

    If these fixtures were produced by a computer it would be understandable, but a human's doing it.
  3. Heedtastic

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    We've signed left back Scott Barrow, formerly of Newport County, Macc and Tamworth.
  4. Heedtastic

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    We played him at both left wing back and left centre half in a back three. He didn't do anything wrong, but also didn't stand out and was subsequently sent back.
  5. Heedtastic

    Sack Race - 2018/19

    Applied for ours a couple of times and been discounted, seems he regularly applies for vacant Conference managerial posts a bit like Brabin. No one has risked taking a punt on him until now, so it'll be interesting to see how he gets on now one has eventually taken the risk.
  6. Heedtastic

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    Johnson was a massive let down for us last season. For such a big keeper he was ridiculously quiet and a bag of nerves, he was dropped then shipped back to Port Vale. Sounds like he's been a good keeper for you. It's strange how a keeper can be good at one club then garbage at another, we had...
  7. Heedtastic

    Stickied Non-League Away Support 2016/17

    They were also in the play off final last season, so a lot of the hangers on are less likely to go again especially at the ticket prices charged.
  8. Heedtastic

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    Good attacking left wingback, but needs to work on his crossing a bit. Sort that out and you'll have a very good player.
  9. Heedtastic

    Nene Park Demolished

    I thought some club may've bought the end stand, a bit like FC United buying the side stand from Northwich and RL club Featherston Rovers buying the two end stands from Scarborough.
  10. Heedtastic

    The Playoffs!

    FGR 'have served their time' in this league, surely it's them to go up.
  11. Heedtastic

    Sack Race - 2018/19

    I liked Mills (no one else had taken us to Wembley), but he took that Wembley squad and instead of just adding one or two quality additions, he ripped the heart out of it and added a load of dross like Michael Rankine. Transfers were certainly not his friend. At the start of last season when...
  12. Heedtastic

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    Sadly he turned out to be pretty average to put it kindly. Still good at one-on-ones, but repeatedly beaten from distance (in a similar manner to Harts chocolate wrists the other night), and with the ball to his feet he is woful. With hindsight, it was a major error or judgement sacking off the...
  13. Heedtastic

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    He's a good left winger, runs at the opposition & scares full-backs with his pace, but a bit too inconsistent and goes missing in games. I would've happily had him back at ours next season, so as he's young if he develops more consistency he should be a good player for you.
  14. Heedtastic

    Stickied Transfer Rumours 2024/25

    At Gateshead he changed tactics in the 2nd season too. He started playing long diagonals from the fullback to a big striker (Rankine) standing on the touchline who then headed it down. It briefly worked, but then got all too predictable and he reverted back to the passing/possession game. He...
  15. Heedtastic

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    After signing 3 players? We released so many players we were always gonna have to bring in a big number, so I'm glad to see him getting on with it early or we'd be in trouble.
  16. Heedtastic

    BT Sport (Live Games)

    Wind your neck in and stop repeatedly embarrassing our club with the dumb stuff you come out with. If Braintree win the play-offs it's because they deserve to.
  17. Heedtastic

    The playoff thread

    We'll be lucky to get another point this season. As soon as we got knocked out the trophy by Halifax, the deckchairs came out.
  18. Heedtastic

    Wrexham to get 99 year lease on their ground

    21. ADMISSION CHARGES The minimum charge for admission to all matches shall be determined from time to time by the Board. Admission charges, excluding home Club concessions as appropriate, must be the same for home and visiting supporters at Competition matches. Clubs may, with the written...
  19. Heedtastic

    Matchday thread 25th & 26th March

    I understand the presumed reasons both clubs want to play on the Friday instead, but I can't understand the short notice when surely it could've been done weeks prior. Also I've seen no explanation for it at our end, what about yours?
  20. Heedtastic

    Stickied Confirmed Signings 2024/25

    He was picked up last season by Hartlepool playing Northern League football for Dunston (in Gateshead), it was a bit of a surprise as he never looked anything special for Dunston. But he did ok for Hartlepool, scoring a few goals as they surprisingly stayed up. It'll be interesting to see how he...


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