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  1. Dayul

    Match Day Match Day 20th-21st

    Wow. I hate being one of those fans who disregards the opposition so straight away fair play Oxford. Best team and won, comfortably. But fuck me that was abject. I haven't seen us play as bad since the last relegation season from League 1. Woeful. Our usually solid keeper was shit. He cost us...
  2. Dayul

    Stickied League One Away Support Thread 2024/25

    Sheffield to Gigg 35 miles? When did Bury move to the other side of the Pennines?
  3. Dayul

    Have you ever gone to the toilet and missed a goal?

    One that sticks in my mind is Huddersfield away 2011/12. Full day out on the beer so pissing for England. Missed both of our goals in a 2-2 draw.
  4. Dayul

    FA Cup 4th Rd draw

    Aye, fairly happy with that. Could have been better in the sense of a mega money tie but this is a half decent chance of getting through to R5 if they rest a few. Would have preferred a trip to 'Udders though! One of my fav days out for the football or rugby.
  5. Dayul

    Match Day FA Cup Third Round - Sat 7th & Sun 8th.

    The prospect of a trip to Barrow-in-Furness is all that is getting me through this week at work. I love the novelty of a trip to a non league team we've not played in decades. This has the potential to be a massively embarrassing banana skin (as was Maidstone away) but if we play to our...
  6. Dayul

    Match Day Walsall v Dale

    Walsall looked like a completely different side to the one we turned over 4-0 a few weeks ago. They started the 2nd half very well IMO and I thought they would equalise before we went 2 up. After a fooking awful 3+ hour journey down here that was a cracking result. Our away form seems to be...
  7. Dayul

    Match Day Old year and New Year Match thread

    Shrewsbury were one of the better teams I've seen at Spotland this season. Can't see them going down. I was surprised our 2nd goal was given, a weird half celebration amongst the fans around me. Saying that we really could have been 3 or 4 up by the time shrews scored. The position we are in...
  8. Dayul

    Oldham's preposterously blunt attack

    No idea and I genuinely hope none of us find out. I'm sure I've said on here before I'd rather Stockport in league 1/2 than some of the bankrolled non league non entities we've seen in the last 15 years or so. I'll add that Stockport fans are bloody brilliant for almost all of them sticking by...
  9. Dayul

    Oldham's preposterously blunt attack

    You call it shameful I'd call it schadenfreude
  10. Dayul

    Oldham's preposterously blunt attack

    I've got to ask you to elaborate the "finished" part of your post. Do you mean the club would cease to exist? League position would likely take a hit if Hill left again but the club's finances etc are in good health, probably the best they've been and that's despite an apathetic local population...
  11. Dayul

    Match Day 15th -17th December

    Well not quite 2-0 but still 3 points away which is rare for us. Play off places for Xmas which is more than any Dale fans would have expected given our start to the season. I reckon Dale we will win both of the next home games and retain the top 6 place for the new year. Just wish out crowds...
  12. Dayul

    17 is the number to beat..

    What's the deal with Bury? From what I saw earlier this season you had a half decent side. The Dale game you looked decent but disciplinary silliness cost you the game. Thought you lot would win today but not to be. Have you lot got enough to stay up or are you going to limp down?
  13. Dayul

    Match Day 15th -17th December

    I reckon our league away form will get a bit of a boost today. Northampton 0-2 Dale.
  14. Dayul

    Rochdale vs Scunny

    As if I wasn't already regretting traipsing around a heaving Manchester city centre we're now 3-0 up. Typical. It's alright, we're gunna blow it arent we?
  15. Dayul

    Rochdale vs Scunny

    That 4-0 sticks in my mind. Both games against you in that season were embarrassing. Think we had 2 sent off in both? Sadly Xmas shopping with the mrs is taking precedence so doesn't look like I'm going. If we play as well as last Saturday I think we'll win but it'll be a close game. 2-1.
  16. Dayul

    The Impact Of The Champions League On Domestic Attendances

    This is one of the reasons I was fairly open to the EFLs idea of binning off mid week games. Our mid week crowds have got progressively worse over the last 15 years. I reckon clubs at League 1 and below around cities that have clubs regularly qualifying for Europe seem to suffer most I.e...
  17. Dayul

    FA Cup second round #WembleyBound

    I'm sure both sides will see it as a winnable route to R4. I'm happy for a trip out to a new ground. Although I've read we're potentially looking at only 600 tickets. Given I'm not a ST holder this year I might miss out. May have to be a home end job... I think our 1948 and 1966 squad have...
  18. Dayul

    FA Cup second round #WembleyBound

    I think I might be the only Dale fan happy with that draw.
  19. Dayul

    The death of Bury FC...

    The penny is finally dropping with the folk down the A58.


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