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  1. Jarv

    Match Day Liverpool v Man Utd, Monday 17th October 20:00

    Love the fact that United have been tagged as being the defensive team when 70% of the match was played in Liverpools half. Just a shame we didn't test Karius more. I didn't think i'd see a keeper worse than Bravo this season but it only took 2 games.
  2. Jarv

    Match Day Liverpool v Man Utd, Monday 17th October 20:00

    Yeah any game, United v Liverpool is a massive game. Even pre season games between the under 12s are. certainly bigger than any game Arsenal have ever played in
  3. Jarv

    Match Day Liverpool v Man Utd, Monday 17th October 20:00

    Hate Monday Night Football. It's the Spawn of Satan. One of the Biggest games of the year on a damn Monday Night
  4. Jarv

    Former ref admits to lying for retrospective action...

    and then demote them for the following week.
  5. Jarv

    Former ref admits to lying for retrospective action...

    I thought they had changed the rule anyway so it doesn't matter if the ref saw it
  6. Jarv

    Unpopular Football Opinions (Mark Hughes is shit thread)

    Given the resources he's been lucky enough to land with first at Barcelona (3 of the then 5 best players in the world) and then at Bayern (inheriting treble winners) Guardiola has achieved nothing more than the absolute minimum to what he should have. all the while unleashing the plague of...
  7. Jarv

    Jürgen Kop

    "Liverpool are going Backwards under Klopp" Not taken them long to start turning
  8. Jarv

    Stoke v Man City - Saturday 20th August 2016 12:30

    City's penalty was correct. Stoke should have had 2 more than the one they got for fouls on Walters (kicked in the midriff) and Allen (clearly barged over) and Iheanacho's goal should have been a free kick to Stoke for a foul by Iheanacho. Not to mention the 2 studs up challenges he didn't book...
  9. Jarv

    Man Utd v Southampton - Friday 19th August 20:00

    Still early days but it's much better than last year. some lovely one touch passing phases which were absent all last year.Fellaini has done better in the last 2 games than he did at any point last season and he's not elbowed anyone at all yet
  10. Jarv

    Should Arsenal extend Arsène Wenger's contract?

    got to be sure on the next appointment get it wrong and it could be years in the wilderness
  11. Jarv

    Bournemouth v Man Utd Sunday 14th August 13:30

    Professional Performance did enough to win and weren't troubled really. Best performance of any of the clubs in the title fight.
  12. Jarv

    Arsenal v Liverpool Sunday 14th August 16:00

    Neither side will get within 20 points of the title with their defence. Has Moreno ever and i mean ever had an ok game let alone a good one he's been awful every time i've seen him play. the guys stealing a living
  13. Jarv

    Man City v Sunderland Saturday 13th August 17:30

    Really...yes...he took over comfortably the best side in Europe that had just won the treble and won less than the previous guy. I could have won the German League and Cup with that team it's a 1 team league.
  14. Jarv

    Man City v Sunderland Saturday 13th August 17:30

    Did just enough to win but were not impressive at all. Sure they'll get better though but Pep still has something to prove after largely failing in germany
  15. Jarv

    Premier League Last Man Standing 16/17

    Surely just saying "City" or "United" isn't allowed
  16. Jarv

    Premier League Last Man Standing 16/17

    Leicester for me please
  17. Jarv

    West Ham's Olympic Stadium Deal

    Crickey do they run Shuttle buses from one side of the technical area to the other
  18. Jarv

    Last Man Standing

    basically i think it's you pick 1 team of the 20 each week If they win you stay alive, if they lose you're out until the next game begins. Once you've picked a team once you can't select them again until the next game if i remember rightly. so when everyone inevitably picks Leicester (playing...
  19. Jarv

    Last Man Standing

    I'm in!


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