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  1. merseyboyred

    Match Day Liverpool v Fulham, Sunday 11 November 12:00

    Salah's now scored our best goal ever.
  2. merseyboyred

    Champions League 2018/19

    So far another poor night for the PR arm of a human rights abusing oil state. It definitely wasn't "reallllllly quiet" lol. Wasn't one of the louder ones but it's a first group game.
  3. merseyboyred

    Table predictions

    1.) Man City 2.) Liverpool 3.) Man Utd 4.) Chelsea 5.) Arsenal 6.) Spurs 7.) Everton 8.) Palace 9.) Leicester 10.) Wolves 11.) Brighton 12.) Fulham 13.) West Ham 14.) Bournemouth 15.) Newcastle 16.) Southampton 17.) Burnley 18.) Huddersfield 19.) Watford 20.) Cardiff
  4. merseyboyred

    Jen's Brexit Watch

    Sorry, but not every argument in favour of Brexit is "based on logical fallacy" simply because you're a rabid remainer. That's intellectually dishonest and you know it. Your characterisation of Brexit as simply a "corrupt, despicable racially-motivated lie" is a fallacy in itself. Whilst...
  5. merseyboyred

    PL shit that doesn't need it's own thread.

    Carragher's been a nasty bastard in this incident (and I'm not his bigest fan) and deserves whatever is coming, but no Hugh, you're judging him off Joey Barton's indiscretion there.
  6. merseyboyred

    Mo Salah

    Well most of the points you accumulate are due to the equivalent of footballing piracy, she'd fit right in.
  7. merseyboyred

    The Goalie Post

    I see his distribution as being more than just his kicking. His accuracy with his arm, speed at which he'll release the ball etc. He's good at all those at minimum imo, there are other areas I have bigger question marks over him. I completely disagree about him looking shit scared on the ball, I...
  8. merseyboyred

    The Goalie Post

    This is just wrong. Also of our two Mignolet is the one with noticeably atrocious distribution.
  9. merseyboyred

    PL shit that doesn't need it's own thread.

    According to twitter this is Rodgers.
  10. merseyboyred

    Mo Salah

    I'd say so mate, we haven't even qualified for the World Cup.
  11. merseyboyred

    Tesco responds to online abuse for featuring Muslims in Christmas ad

    People are complaining because there are lots of racists & Islamophobes in this country, their views perpetuated & granted legitimacy with it being widespread in the media too.
  12. merseyboyred

    The Coalition of Expensive Chaos

    We'll be utterly fucked well before 2040.
  13. merseyboyred

    Rooney returns...

    Rooney, the English Raul. Must say Everton really have had a good transfer window for a team chasing 7th place. Seriously, adding good players but a level below ones from the teams above, whilst losing your main goalscorer to the team that finished above you. Seen nothing to suggest that...
  14. merseyboyred

    The Labour Thread

    Of course they have! The tediously continuously incorrect centrist commentariat & right wing press cartel were shown up so badly by their massively incorrect assumptions & embarrassed by their pathetic propaganda for the election that they've got to try to find something to prove that they...
  15. merseyboyred

    Romelu Lukaku

  16. merseyboyred

    The Coalition of Expensive Chaos

    Large sums of money are definitely something you trust the DUP with.
  17. merseyboyred

    Overrated/Underrated in the PL

    Jordan Henderson is definitely underrated.
  18. merseyboyred

    Coutinho or Barkley.

    When would that ever stop them?! There's enough publicised interest from Barca mouthpieces to know that he's at least a player they're very much 'monitoring' closely as it were. One full season's worth of the form he's displayed pre-injury & post international break will see that interest...
  19. merseyboyred

    Jose Mourinho to replace LVG as Man U manager?

    Ah, this takes me back...
  20. merseyboyred

    Romelu Lukaku

    I'd quite like a couple more players in the squad who show up more regularly for the non-big games tbh.


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