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    Didn't know this gaff was still a thing until I got an email from it! Good times.
  2. Magic

    General Matchday Thread

    Get in!! We were pretty poor in the final third tonight and looked like a 0-0 all day long so priceless to take 6 points from those two away games. Still got some favourable fixtures on paper this side of Christmas so a good opportunity to really kick on and put us in a great position by...
  3. Magic

    General Matchday Thread

    Was a strange game really. It looked like a matter of time before we'd score in the run-up to HT and when we did get in front, had a 3 on 1 to make it 2-0 basically from the restart but messed it up and when Luton got level, we were rattled for sure. Lucky to have the goal disallowed (but we...
  4. Magic

    Promotion thread 2018/19

    I mean i definitely think we're there on merit and should go up based on performances but still a long way to go. Comforted by the fact Norwich, WBA and Sheffield United all have to come to ER.
  5. Magic

    Promotion thread 2018/19

    Big weekend for us that. Great performance and decent results. Win our next three and we'll be in a belting position as one of those would mean beating Norwich... Just got to keep going.
  6. Magic

    Match Day Villa v Leeds

    Yeah you were better, but it's a miracle for us to have picked up more than two points a game with other than Douglas, all players who were here last season when we were awful! Only cameos from Bamford, Harrison and Baker otherwise... Add in the fact that Ayling, Berardi, Jansson, Cooper...
  7. Magic

    Promotion thread 2018/19

    Free hit for us really off the back of five wins and what I'd like to think as 4-6 points from Hull and Blackburn at home afterwards. Would take a point but top two at Christmas regardless is a nice position to be in.
  8. Magic

    Bolton Vs Leeds

    We weren't great but conditions were terrible. Type of games you just need to get the result and get out.
  9. Magic

    Promotion thread 2018/19

    Not a bad way to bounce back from a reality check at WBA - five wins in a row, conceding once. Far from getting carried away but this feels different. Keep building that lead over 7th please! Then we can worry about top 2...
  10. Magic

    Rams vs Peacocks

    We've conceded an absurd amount of late goals and scored virtually none. Not good enough. It's typically not a bad point but again we can't afford to drop any from that position. Got to make the most of Saiz before he goes unfortunately. Far too good for the rest of our fuckers on the whole...
  11. Magic

    Leeds vs Bristol C

    FWIW there was booing, annoyance and sarcasm for a lot of the game from what I saw but I did notice a more positive (possibly backs against the wall) attitude for 5-10 mins before we scored. Not saying that was what turned the game but if definitely happened. And to be fair, I don't think you...
  12. Magic

    Leeds vs Bristol C

    Oh we're pretty shit :D 2-0 down at home the last three HTs I think that is...
  13. Magic

    Leeds vs Bristol C

    Ah balls. We're not getting much going for us at the moment. Lasogga scores there and the feeling around the place would be huge. As it is, moralising point but still a 100/1 chance of making the top 6. Hernandez and Forshaw on another level to the rest of them for most of the game. At least we...
  14. Magic


    Cardiff (H) - 2-0 loss Sheffield U (A) - 3-1 loss Bristol City (H) - 2-1 loss Derby (A) - 2-0 loss Brentford (H) 2-2 Oh dear.
  15. Magic

    Match Day BWFC vs BCFC

    Thought Kent looked very style over substance last night. I imagine when it comes off he'll be a threat but his ball retention was very poor. Would still have him at Leeds mind :lol:
  16. Magic

    Leeds vs Millwall

    I mean it was a bonkers game, just wish it would ended 3-3 so we could all appreciate it! Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  17. Magic

    Leeds vs Millwall

    Think it's 7 goals in 11 starts in the league. Certainly capable, just one of those who looks sluggish so when he doesn't score he looks a waste of space. Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  18. Magic

    Leeds vs Millwall

    Maybe for those who aren't already crying ffs
  19. Magic

    Leeds vs Millwall

    Just unacceptable to play with ten men in games you need to be winning. Even at 3-2 with five to go I could see us losing. Not sure it was a red card but discipline is awful and it's cost us our chance this year. That's Saiz out for four more, Cooper now out for four, O'Kane out for two more...
  20. Magic

    FA Cup

    Brown said it happened in the 40th showed both players ten mins either side and absolutely no comings together so either Brown got his times wrong or it didn't happen. Odd there was no issue at the time if it did...not saying it categorically didn't but didn't quite add up really...


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