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    The proper relegation thread.

    In 2000 shortly after I got into football, I heard that Oldham used to play in the Premiership - hard to believe it at the time because then they were just a mediocre second division (1992-2004 term) club. Actually that year I saw a behind-the-scenes football documentary which showed the away...
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    The proper relegation thread.

    I’ve been following the League 2 relegation battle with some interest, mainly because it features an ex-Premier League side (they did some impressive things in the 1970s-90s, a bit like us between getting promoted to the second tier in 1979 and being relegated from it in 1996, but sadly never...
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    Match Day National League Fixtures 22/02/2020

    I’m surprised there wasn’t any real criticism last season when you went down seemingly without pride or a fight, losing one six-pointer/winnable game after another. The only reasons I can think of for that were that he was new and the problems were more deep-seated. Now, the only reason I can...
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    Match Day National League Fixtures 22/02/2020

    That's a relief, so bar a big collapse from one team it doesn't look like a "brother" is going down.
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    Match Day National League Fixtures 22/02/2020

    The BBC are showing it as four relegation places - if that's the case, it's going to take a helluva points to stay up the way things are going, could be as much as 55-56.
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    2019/20 National League North

    Ah well, hopefully York will get 90+ points and that will be enough to win the league, if not they'll win the play-offs, first decent season their long-suffering fans have had in ages and they more than deserve success.
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    2019/20 National League North

    Funny how King's Lynn seem to have come into the NLN title race out of nowhere, having been reformed as recently as 2010 and promoted from the Southern Premier only last season with actually fewer points per game than they are enjoying now. Are they another of those money-backed teams or is it...
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    Newport County V Tranmere Rovers - League 2 Playoff Final 2018/19

    This seems to be a pattern here, at least in the last two seasons. When a team comes up from the Conference and does well, there’s always a handful of fans who don’t like their style of football that have to make snide comments whatever happens. If the team loses in the play-offs, you get...
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    Everything Oldham Athletic

    That's pretty bold thinking for a club that has only achieved two play-off and countless bottom half finishes in the third tier in over twenty years. The Bournemouth of the north maybe?
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    2018-19 National League South

    Well done Woking, deserved to go up for running Torquay so close, and the warm welcome you gave us at Kingfield and your continued good luck wishes throughout our FA Cup run. As for us, very disappointing end to the season. I imagine Wolves aren't sweating much about their Europa League place...
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    Playoff Final Prediction

    Do you think they're going to be another Gretna FC? Apart from them, I can't remember a promoted team getting as much dislike as Salford have today.
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    Playoff Final Prediction

    I think many fans of lower and non-league clubs would rejoice if at this late stage the Football League after much heavy scrutiny discovered something wrong with these clubs that made both of them ineligible for promotion, regardless of today's result, and let Notts County keep their rightful...
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    League 2 Relegation Thread 2018/2019

    Cambridge might have enough incentive to go for the win if they care enough about who they're playing next season. And with due respect to Macclesfield, who would most fans rather have in the Football League, them or Notts? Problems are though: (1) They may not think that way because most...
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    Relegation Thread 2019

    He has a point, Oxford looked like real relegation candidates for most of the season (not like Burton and Coventry) then all of a sudden it seemed they were safe, it’s an impressive turnaround. They need to really establish themselves in this division after so many years of underachievement and...
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    Who Gets Relegated Alongside Ipswich Thread 18/19

    Weird and also sad the way his career's turned out, worked at some of the biggest clubs in Europe, and did a miracle job in keeping Swansea up and I felt was hard done by getting the boot there. I suppose though long-term he's assistant manager material at best.
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    2018-19 National League North

    I had a Stockport supporting colleague at work, a very nice guy, but he left some time after the 2016/17 season and I haven't seen him since. After they bottled a good chance to at least get into the play-offs that season after Darlington were denied participation, I was pleased to see them...
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    Notts v Grimsby (Do or Die for the Magpies)

    I didn't read the posts immediately following the Exeter game, but other fans on the relegation thread said there was a quite a bit of negativity from you lot. I thought it was one of those games where you were the better side throughout, but got outdone by a last minute sucker punch from...
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    2020/21 General Match Thread

    I was thinking just after Sunderland conceded that late goal on Easter Monday to put automatic promotion out of their hands, that there could well be a repeat of the 1998 meeting between them and Charlton at Wembley (probably the greatest play-off final ever) on May 26. Don't think it will have...
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    Relegation Thread 2019

    That would be some bottle job if Plymouth went down after being 12th in mid-March. Scunthorpe have been a strange case - actually had a decent start, beating Charlton from behind in a 5-3 thriller, and I thought they'd be promotion candidates again, then had an atrocious run, rallied to climb...
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    Hello Non-League!

    Only two games left!? Blimey, how time flies, for some reason I thought it was three. Sadly, it looks bleak for Notts because I can't see Port Vale and Cambridge doing them much in the way of favours, but you never know, they've had some surprise results of late.


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