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  1. Wizzz

    Match Day Everton v Arsenal, Tuesday 13th December 19:45

    If we really are title contenders we will win this. Otherwise same old top four finish but no cigar.
  2. Wizzz

    Match Day Arsenal v Stoke, Saturday 10th December 15:00

    Top of the League, at least until Chelsea beat West Brom tomorrow... enjoying it while it lasts. :)
  3. Wizzz

    Match Day Leicester v Man City, Saturday 10th December 17:30

    Good grief! I've got £10 on Man City to win this... it was supposed to be a banker. Useless *&^%s!
  4. Wizzz

    The FIFA Presidential Election

    Is it possible to completely trust any of those candidates? Or, perhaps even more pertinently, is it possible to have any trust in the delegates who will be voting in this election. It appears from the outside that the whole organisation has been corrupt for so long and that the delegates have...
  5. Wizzz

    Man City v Tottenham - Sun 14th Feb - 16:15

    Too close to call. A draw would be best for us.
  6. Wizzz

    Arsenal v Leicester - Sun 14th Feb - 12:00

    Obviously we'll win 10 - 0... ....err.... Arsenal 1 - 1 Leicester
  7. Wizzz

    Liverpool v Arsenal

    3! Really? I wasn't aware that Everton were one and a half times as good as Liverpool. :hypo:
  8. Wizzz

    Newcastle v Man Utd

    Had money on Man Utd to win this one. At 0 - 2 up and at 2 - 3 with no time left was feeling pretty good. Bloody useless bunch of c**ts.
  9. Wizzz

    Predict when Kane / Lukaku will be sold

    The thing about Lukaku is that it was very obvious he was a great talent even when he was at Chelsea. Of course no club knows if a young player will continue to develop and fulfill their potential, or get stuck at a certain stage. But why would any manager/club want to get rid of one of the very...
  10. Wizzz

    Arsenal v Newcastle - Sat 2nd Jan - 15:00

    Time for us to show some backbone. We can't fall over every single time we have a chance to make some real progress. Arsenal 2 - 0 Newcastle
  11. Wizzz

    West Ham v Liverpool - Sat 2nd Jan - 12:45

    Honestly thought Liverpool would win this, but then I thought we'd beat Southampton the other week, so what do I know. Still think Liverpool have a chance of top four this season.
  12. Wizzz

    Jose Mourinho

    Spot on. Showed himself up to be anything but a gentleman. I wish no one would ever employ him again. Of course he'll be in demand because many people won't care about him behaving so badly as long as he brings success. Just think you can be a winner without being the pompous, megalomaniacal...
  13. Wizzz

    FIFA Arrests Made for Fraud

    Just watched the Panorama documentary on FIFA. The level of corruption is so high and so absolute, I don't think anyone could ever trust the organisation to put itself right. Featured a very brief but particularly telling cameo from our numpty Prime Minister Cameron berating the BBC for...
  14. Wizzz

    Arsenal v Tottenham

    Easy Arsenal 6 - 0 Spuds
  15. Wizzz

    League Cup 4th Round Draw

    I want us to go for it. Our first team could do really well in the League cup. And the more you win matches, the more winning becomes a habit. But I know we'll put out a "B" side. We always do for this. I just want us to win EVERYTHING! :bg:
  16. Wizzz

    Arsenal v Everton

    I was born, grew up and lived in London, (close to the Caledonian Road). After I got divorced, I retired to Cornwall. I'm now married again, (since January), and divide my time between Bodmin Moor in Cornwall and St Petersburg in Florida.
  17. Wizzz

    Man Utd v Man City

    Would love this to be a disappointing 0 - 0 draw. However, I feel City are just too strong, will take all the points and maintain their advantage at the top of the league. Utd 1 - 3 City
  18. Wizzz

    Arsenal v Everton

    Great chance for us to make progress against our main rivals with City away at Utd. So it's quite likely we'll f**k it up big style. Any win will do as the 3 points is by far the most important thing. Think this match might define our season.... Hoping for Arsenal 3 - 1 Everton
  19. Wizzz

    Watford v Arsenal - Sat 17th Oct - 17:30

    Well, I asked very politely for 4 and only got 3... so I'm NOT happy! :lac:
  20. Wizzz

    Tottenham V Liverpool - Sat 17th Oct - 12:45

    I'd like Liverpool to win this, but the Spuds are playing quite well, so I'm predicting a score draw. Tottenham 2 - 2 Liverpool


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