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  1. Big Bird

    Predictions (August)

    Taken from the above section...cheers T.A. Carlisle (a) - WIN Obviously going into the unknown as far as competitive fixtures are concerned. New squad, new manager, new style, new expectations. We've had quite a positive pre season, most fans are on board with Flitcroft. Hoping we can get off...
  2. Big Bird

    Oldham v Swindon

  3. Big Bird

    Swindon v Bristol Rovers (second attempt)

    Replay from 3 weeks ago after a shed load of rain made the pitch unplayable. We've managed to rip off our own fans as well as Rovers by charging full price even for those who attended the first game and only saw 60 odd minutes worth of football. It's gone down like a turd in a coffee with both...
  4. Big Bird

    Posh v Swindon - 12.15 SKY

    Toughie for us. Expect Peterborough to at least make the play offs. Missing Kasim, Sendles-White and Stewart which could mean the return of Branco at centre half; not something which fills me with a great deal of confidence. Think we'll play well in patches but can see us under pressure for...
  5. Big Bird

    Swindon v Blackpool

    Win here would see us 10 points away from the magical 52. Blackpool have lost 1 in 6 and seem to have periods of decent results followed by a few stinkers so let's hope they leave Swindon with nothing. 2-1 win.
  6. Big Bird

    Colchester v Swindon

    Here's a thread. You may post in it.
  7. Big Bird

    Port Vale 1-0 Swindon

    Looks like this game will finally be played at the 3rd attempt! Our fans are on a bit of a downer after Saturday and the lack of signings. Going for 1:1 here, another step towards the magic 52.
  8. Big Bird

    Swindon v Barnsley

    Two form teams going at it here. A laughable statement a few weeks ago. We've improved and have started to score freely but still give away goals for fun while Barnsley are looking for 6 wins on the bounce. Surely one to stick on the BTTS coupon. Probably the same line up as last week...
  9. Big Bird

    Chesterfield 0-4 Swindon

    This game will be shit. 1-2 because Chesterfield seem to be in even more of a mess than us.
  10. Big Bird

    Fleetwood 5-1 Swindon

    Hopefully we turned a corner against Scunthorpe on Saturday but need to build on it against fellow strugglers Fleetwood. Kasim and Jordan Stewart may come back into the fold to further boost numbers, finally looking like having a semi decent squad to choose from again. 1-1 prediction.
  11. Big Bird

    Swindon v Peterborough

    Fuck knows.
  12. Big Bird

    Blackpool v Swindon

    Need to be looking at another point minimum here. Hope Obika starts. Analysis over.
  13. Big Bird

    Swindon v Colchester

    Hopefully another week with his new players will have given Cooper more of an understanding on how we need to be setting up. Think it's only a matter of time before we get it right but Colchester will be no push overs. For me: Vigouroux Barry Branco Turnbull Ormonde-Ottewill Kasim...
  14. Big Bird

    Bury V Swindon

    Got a bad feeling about this one, something's nagging away at me, I think it's Leon Clarke. 2-1. Clarke (2), Obika for Town. Prove me wrong lads!
  15. Big Bird

    Swindon v Walsall

    1-0 Obika's bellend.
  16. Big Bird

    Swindon V Yeovil - The Return Of Luggy

    Must win game obviously. Yeovil are all about prepping for League 2 and will turn up without any pressure on them. We need a to beating an already relegated side if we have a glimmer of stealing second place. Obviously tonight's result will determine how big this match is. 1-0 will do. I'll...
  17. Big Bird

    Swindon v Peterborough

    Is happening today apparently.
  18. Big Bird

    Doncaster Rovers v Swindon Town

    Second of 3 consecutive away games. Need to be at least matching Preston's results. Be interested to see if we change the line-up which has won the last two. I expect not considering we don't play on Saturday.
  19. Big Bird

    Port Vale v Swindon Town

    Big game, as they all are now. Vale have the play-offs on their radar once again as one of a clutch of sides aiming to find the consistency needed to cement themselves in the top 6. Town will need to keep the points tally ticking over to try and prevent Preston tightening their grip on second...