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    A beginners guide to understanding women.

    It is unavailable coz such a thing does not exist. :D Better discuss something that is possible, like Sheffield United's chances of winning the premier league.
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    Championship 2020/2021 Thread

    Good to see money coming in the sport due to billionaire owners but not sure what would be the long-term effects. I hope they don't run it like just another business.
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    Would Thiago Alcantara make a comeback soon?

    The Reds have definitely underutilized Thiago Alcantara, specially when they needed more firepower in their midfield. Now, he has been out of the game for sometime due to injury. Do you think he will make a comeback soon?
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    Tony Pulis to be new head coach for Sheffield Wednesday

    I agree that a lot of people don't like his style of play but if it means better results for the Owls, it should be fine. After their current position on the table, it can't get any worse, I guess.
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    Do you play football?

    Are you the types that only watch football matches and comment as a legend of the game or do you actually play football and speak from your experience? I have been playing football for a few years but haven't played much this year due to coronavirus.
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    Any Jota fans here?

    I think Diogo Jota absolutely killed it in the match with Atlanta. The hat-trick was an ultimate gift for his fans. I wish that he consistently performs in the upcoming matches.
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    Who is likely to win this league?

    I want Chelsea to win but I think Liverpool has a good chance to defend the title. The Reds do have injury worries but Klopp has a solid process going for them and they may emerge as the winners again.
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    Match Day Newcastle United vs Chelsea Nov 21, 2020

    Looking forward to the next Chelsea match. I want Timo Werner to score at least 2 goals this time and help the team to accumulate some important points. Which player/team are you supporting?