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  1. Gilly?

    The Healthy as Fuck Thread

    Past three months I've lived in the gym so I can serve in the army as a tank like Jonjo Shelvey. Only thing missing now is the diet to accommodate, I do well and then fall in the wagon. Just got one of the Joe Wicks cook books but haven't actually used it yet. I'm loving the healthier...
  2. Gilly?

    Claude Puel Sacked from Southampton

    Southampton have lost the plot then?
  3. Gilly?

    Starting a Career - Better Late Than Never?

    I'm 28 and work in a little bakery, my girlfriend is 22 and has been offered her first job coming out of uni as an occupational therapist and is waiting on other offers. It's got me thinking that the past few years have been a bit of a blur and overall a bit slack and lazy with no real direction...
  4. Gilly?


    Anyone used this open-source media player? I've added a repository called Phoenix and now I've got a full library of just about anything I want. Currently going through a huge library of stand up comedy. Been able to stream the football to 720p with no buffering too.
  5. Gilly?

    Chillout Rock and Shit

    I like metal and shouty stuff but sometimes I want something to just chill too. This is my first offering. Post more please.
  6. Gilly?

    The Last of Us 2

    This was posted on the 'The Last of Us' page on Bookface about 3 hours ago. A few days ago it was let loose that it was in development, now this pops up... I'm currently nursing a bit of an erectile twitch at the possibility of this.
  7. Gilly?

    Peaky Blinders

    Anyone seen this? I've just started it on Netflix. So far it looks pretty good, I really like the soundtrack and the cinematography is great. Cillian Murphy is class.
  8. Gilly?

    The Cheese Appreciation Thread

    Who likes cheese? I like cheese. I like to put cheese on my burgers, I currently have burgers and they have cambonzola on them. It's quite delicious. I also like other cheeses, like local ones. Who else likes cheese?
  9. Gilly?

    Silent Hills

    PT scared the shit out of me. Now it's possibly cancelled. :(
  10. Gilly?


    Hey guys.
  11. Gilly?

    Calling All Computer Nerds!!

    I recently found my old laptop and I'm quite curious to know what's stored on there, however it appears to be suffering from c*** syndrome, or black screen of death as it's more commonly known. The cursor is still movable, the screen is just black. I tried changing the boot order to HDD as the...
  12. Gilly?


    It's on Netflix, half way through the first episode. It's shit, don't watch it.
  13. Gilly?

    The Wrestling Thread!