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  1. ChelloRam

    Stickied Championship - Away Support Thread

    we have sold the allocations provided to us on many if not most occasions. You're splitting hairs with your comment and you know it.
  2. ChelloRam

    Stickied Championship - Away Support Thread

    blah blah, never sold out at Wednesday - don't make me laugh.
  3. ChelloRam

    Stickied Championship - Away Support Thread

    Talking absolute bollocks as usual, you should worry about your shite support. Have no idea why you comment so much on the championship. We have sold our allocation at sheff Utd for as many years as I can remember. Interestingly, you haven't at Derby for some strange reason!!
  4. ChelloRam

    Derby v Forest

    We're meeting up at 6am for brekkie and beer, so going to drink enough so that I won't give a fuck what happens :eyes:
  5. ChelloRam

    Rotherham v Derby

    We're a rudderless ship, only one winner here. Rotherham to win by 2 clear goals. Wassall will come out and say he's pleased with the effort and commitment and be as completely deluded as he has been since taking over. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the beers before and after in Sheffield.
  6. ChelloRam

    Wolves v Derby - Sky Sports Spectacular

    Really wish we could still be in the stand behind the goal, much better view and could create a decent atmosphere. Wolves are going through a patch we were up until last Saturday, so this could be their turning point game. I hope we get an early goal, get the homes fans toxic towards their team...
  7. ChelloRam

    Stickied Championship - Away Support Thread

    One of the best days in London in my opinion. Piccadilly line to Hammersmith, quite a few decent boozers on the there and and on the way down Fulham palace road, last one in the Crabtree (I think it's called that) and then same in the way back to Hammersmith.
  8. ChelloRam

    Derby v Blackburn

    That'll teach me to drink too much red wine after my meeting today!! :ot: On to Wednesday's match.... If we score first, we win!
  9. ChelloRam

    Derby v Blackburn

    I think we'll be getting better results away than at home, but still not confident. I'd be surprised if there are 1500 of us there with it being at lunch time and on sky and at £28. Probably the worst view for away fans in the league and looked at my ticket earlier and I'm on bastard row a!! :ffs:
  10. ChelloRam

    Brentford V Derby

    We were awful, but Brentford even worse. Game should have been won by half time. Brentford were really, really poor. We can say this as we have been dire for over 2 months. Judge's goal looked like a cross to me at the time, not seen it yet on the box, so I could be doing him a disservice. Arse...
  11. ChelloRam

    Derby sack Paul Clement

    I am concerned now that Wassall seems to be definitely in charge for the rest of the season, bad move for me. Promoting people from the academy to first team and the like. I hope I'm wrong, but cannot see us finishing in the play-offs. Either way, season ticket renewed and on to next season we go.
  12. ChelloRam

    Derby v MK Dons

    I just hope it's not a repeat performance as Wassall's last game as stand-in.
  13. ChelloRam

    Derby sack Paul Clement

    Agree with Mansfield Ram, looking from the outside people are baffled and don't understand it. Thing is, they haven't had to watch the shite all season. Clement hasn't bought better players, he's wasted a lot of money on similar standard and in some cases poorer players.
  14. ChelloRam

    Derby sack Paul Clement

    No, I cannot see what point you're trying to make. You are trying to have a dig at Derby fans who think we're a big club in this division. I pointed out that we are, and probably one of the 4 or 5 biggest clubs in the division. Nothing is untrue about that. There certainly aren't any Derby fans...
  15. ChelloRam

    Derby sack Paul Clement

    What's your actual point with the drivel you've posted? Derby are one of the biggest clubs in the championship, nobody would disagree with that. You seem to have a significant inferiority complex and I have no idea why. I don't know anyone that doesn't actually like Burton from a Derby...
  16. ChelloRam

    Derby sack Paul Clement

    Bournemouth played a similar style to How we played over the past 2 years, fast attacking and possession based. This season we have been so slow in our play, it's been bleeding pedestrian. No urgency to play good football and move up the pitch, just piss about at the back for 5 minutes at a time...
  17. ChelloRam

    Derby sack Paul Clement

    Absolutely the right decision imo. The standard of football has gone back to the Clough days. Boring and unacceptable. Wassall will be short term, he has to be! Clement was completely out of his depth and it showed that with his team lottery, game after game. He stated after the lifeless...
  18. ChelloRam

    Fulham v Derby

    Nope and I'm sure Clement has no idea either. It's like a bastard postcode lottery at the moment.
  19. ChelloRam

    Derby v Preston