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  1. Ciderhead

    The Championship Game

    Considering doing this again for the 19/20 season, what do you reckon? Might spark a bit more life into this section of the forum, or be a bit of fun at the least. Anyone be interested? Here's a link to the...
  2. Ciderhead

    Last Man Standing - Game 2 Beginning Tuesday 6th March

    Been a while since we had one of these going. You know the drill. ROUND 1 Fri 9th Feb Millwall v Cardiff (19.45) Sat 10th Feb Barnsley v Sheff Wed (12.15) Sheff Utd v Leeds (12.30) Bolton v Fulham Brentford v Preston Bristol City v Sunderland Derby v Norwich Ipswich v Burton Middlesbrough v...
  3. Ciderhead

    The Championship Game 17/18

    We're back! Yeah, sorry, just didn't get time over the last couple of weeks to get this sorted before opening day. But never fear! TCG returns for a new season! Can anybody topple defending champion Walkley Owl? (as he appears to have been banned, quite possibly. Anyone know how long?)...
  4. Ciderhead

    Match Day Derby v Bristol City

    Well I guess someone else will have to start this thread now. I shall commence it in the spirit that I'm sure our dear former mod will have wanted. We're shit. Derby 4-0 City
  5. Ciderhead

    Sheff Wed v Preston

    What happened at the end there? Sky saying Doyle and Beckford sent off for squaring up to each other at the end and had to be split up by a load of Weds players
  6. Ciderhead

    The Championship Game 16/17

    After a successful trial run the last few weeks of last year, thought I'd run this again for the 16/17 season! If you're not aware, basically each week there will be a list of 26 scenarios from A-Z scored based on the likelihood of them occurring. You will choose 6 of them, with the aim of...
  7. Ciderhead

    Predictions For Next Season

    Too early? We're all going to look like idiots anyway and if you get it right before the summer's even started you'll be a genius! My 2p's worth: 1. Man City 2. Tottenham 3. Liverpool 4. Arsenal 5. Chelsea 6. West Ham 7. Man Utd 8. Southampton 9. Swansea 10. Stoke 11. Everton 12. Leicester...
  8. Ciderhead

    The Championship Game

    Some of you may be aware of a thing called The Premier League Game which is run by Munkiki up in the PL section. For those of you who aren't, basically each week you choose from a selection of scenarios involving the upcoming week's fixtures, and score points based on the liklihood of them...
  9. Ciderhead

    Forest v Brighton

    Come on Brighton, need something to keep the end of the season interesting
  10. Ciderhead


    Well, actually have to think about what the team's gonna be for the first time in forever. I'd go for: O'Donnell Little Flint Baker Golbourne Pack Smith Burns Tomlin Bryan Kodjia Subs: O'Leary, Pearce, Gladwin, Freeman, Reid, Agard, Wilbraham Shame about Ayling's injury but I don't quite get...
  11. Ciderhead

    Hopes for January

    That time of year again! Everyone madly rushing to fill in the holes and paper up the cracks that have become apparent in the season to date, or just looking for that one big signing to give them that boost in the push for promotion, the playoffs or just survival. Notoriously it's a difficult...
  12. Ciderhead

    Fulham v QPR

    Fulham giving QPR an absolute battering. 4-0 up, could be far more. Austin gone off injured and looks like he could be out for a while, not a good night for them... Had Fulham down in my mind as midtable mediocrity but that team on paper ought to be a very good Championship side and they've...
  13. Ciderhead

    Boro v Bristol City

    Adomah coming up against us for the first time since he left, he'll get a great reception. My favourite City player since I've been going, quite literally the only source of entertainment for a couple of seasons and a really great, fun character off the pitch as well, absolutely love the guy...
  14. Ciderhead

    Season Predictions

    Stolen from the League 1 section, bit different than just your standard tables: The team that surprises us all and does very well? Fancy Birmingham to have a good season, really rate Gary Rowett The team that starts off great but then falters as the season progresses? MK Dons. Think they...
  15. Ciderhead

    Bristol City vs Swindon Town

    Let it begin...
  16. Ciderhead

    Who's getting the curse this time?

    Don't think there's a thread for this yet, nominations for February awards are now out: Manager of the Month: Clough (Sheff Utd) Cotterill (Bristol C) Grayson (Preston) Page (Port Vale) Got to be Grayson, 100% record - can't argue with that. Player of the Month: Mcleod (Crawley) Murphy (Sheff...
  17. Ciderhead

    Doncaster V Bristol City

    What? No one's made a thread for this yet? Come on City fans... get your act together! Important to bounce back here. Won't be an easy game, although Donny themselves had a poor result on Saturday, but I reckon we'll nick a tight game, 1-2 Smith and Agard
  18. Ciderhead

    Bristol City Vs West Ham FA Cup 4th Round - 2pm

    Will this incredible round of upsets continue? Double edged sword, West Ham will be right up for it given now you'd have to say they have a genuine chance of winning the thing, while we're bound to be motivated by the exploits of Bradford and Middlesbrough yesterday. Got all the ingredients...