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    We're not technically full time, just train 3 mornings a week rather than evenings (due to pitch hire). More like a 3/4 time bodge job.
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    Most tinpot thing I ever heard. (tinpot thread)

    I see your Maidstone & Kettering and raise you Sittingbourne.... Granted it's from a bin outside, but still!
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    National League Fixtures - 6/1/2019

    It's back next weekend. Has a "Christmas break" as a fair few clubs use students to do the BT stuff.
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    Sack Race - 2018/19

    Basically it was rumoured he had an interview with you lot ages ago -Around Xmas/Jan kind of time (Can't be sure on specifics). Anyway, he definitely definitely had an interview 3/4 weeks ago in which he was offered the gig. Your owner, well whoever deals with this side of things is obviously a...
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    Sack Race - 2018/19

    He had an interview and was offered the job a few weeks back. Turned it down though..... Yes I'm aware Askey was still there, but your owners were very unamused with him and wanted him gone a while (despite last seasons heroics). Edit to add: Can only assume you've offered a few more £ / come...
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    Stickied Non-League Away Support 2019/20

    There was a few old heads, one older one got dragged out kicking and screaming (see link at end). His mate argued the toss then a load of youth followed (again see link). The youth without leaving - then came back down stairs before heading straight to away bar. They were subsequently ejected...
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    Sack Race - 2018/19

    He could get us relegated and we wouldn't sack him - and rightly so IMO. Our problems stem from our budget & having to constantly be investing in expanding the ground rather than it getting ploughed willy nilly into the first team. I said it in another thread on here a while back, without...
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    Chester next to go?

    Technically we're 3/4 time not full time (only pay them 43ish weeks). Again like you we're virtually ran by volunteers (secretary, playing staff, commercial excluded). We have a very small playing staff and allegedly mid-tier when it comes to paying. What we don't have are things like data...
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    Stickied Transfer Rumours

    Zavon Hines has left Maidstone. Been told off to Chesterfield. Can't see Zav fancying a relegation dogfight tbf. Truth be told started fantastically but been the very definition of "meh" of late.
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    2017/18 FA Cup

    Scrap that MK Dons have refused - it’s the Saturday at 3pm
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    2017/18 FA Cup

    Not sure if this is the right place, but for those remotely bothered (that'll be nobody then), MK Dons vs Maidstone is a 2pm KO on Sunday 3rd. Verified by BBC staff member & very senior club official last night. I'm assuming there'll be an official announcement this morning.
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    National League Fixtures - 28/10/2017

    You could say the same about us. Stuart Lewis should have walked for the attempted stamp on the Chester fella that started the handbags. Delano could easily have got a 2nd yellow in all that too....
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    Most tinpot thing I ever heard. (tinpot thread)

    Ask and ye shall receive, somebody hit a nerve with Tamplin the other night.....
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    National League Fixtures : 09/09/17

    I think the charge around £50 for radio commentary. Video is £86+Vat (£96). We had a whip around to pay it last season before we realised everyone else was boycotting, so subsequently told them to do one when we played them again in trophy.
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    Most tinpot thing I ever heard. (tinpot thread)

    If he's done that to Billericay, I dread to think of the state of the decorations in his house!
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    Stickied Non-League Away Support 2019/20

    They put us down the side last season, so no doubt you'll be down there this season.
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    Most tinpot thing I ever heard. (tinpot thread)

    In other news, Billericay are installing two massive screens to show replays etc for the 4,000+ crowds (I jest you not) the owner expects. Can't link at moment sorry!
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    2017/18 non league kits

    We get a custom/tailored Macron shirt, it's released at a supporters get together on Thursday. I was actually involved in the design process & get to see it Monday. Hopefully the owners haven't changed their minds too much! Some of the ideas touted were rather :crazy:
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    2017-18 National League South

    I wonder what the ultras will make of that? :bl:
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    Most tinpot thing I ever heard. (tinpot thread)

    Getting away from the Whitehawk ultras, they were also one of those teams that averaged double figures attendance wise - but had a loaded chairman, so were a money club to. Obviously sod all money has gone into the ground / all got spaffed on players. Although it appears to have run out last...