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  1. E10rifle

    League Cup 2nd Round

    Fixtures kick off tomorrow night. Pretty good representation tbh, with at least two League Two teams guaranteed to progress: Tuesday Bradford vs. Lincoln (winners H vs. Liverpool) Fleetwood vs. Port Vale (H vs. Everton/MHC) Morecambe vs. Oldham (H vs. Newcastle/Blackburn) Millwall vs...
  2. E10rifle

    22/02 Match Report Dumping Area

    For all the games without a match thread. Or any thread whilst the game was actually happening. Anyhoo, not much to say about another dismal meeting of two abysmal sides in E10. Enjoy checking out the goals later - all four come from hilariously ‘defended’ set pieces that would have disgraced...
  3. E10rifle

    Match Day National League Fixtures 13/03/18

    Boreham Wood vs Maidenhead Halifax vs Dagenham TV Kryptonite vs Solihull Orient vs Torquay Four games tonight of varying degrees of significance. A win for media paraiahs Gateshead should see them safely operating their bankrolled selves above their natural level for another season, whilst...
  4. E10rifle

    Luton Town vs Leyton Down

    Orient could say bye bye to the EFL by full time, though results elsewhere will probably keep that blessed relief tantalisingly out of reach until Monday. Our only hope is that we've cocked up the terms of Ollie Palmer's loan (hardly unlikely) and he can play. Our back three of two nineteen...
  5. E10rifle


    Won't make myself too comfortable here in case the unthinkable happens. No, of course I don't mean Orient stringing some wins together and escaping the drop (we have been down for months), I mean in case we don't even exist come August. 'Orient 1881' in the Essex Senior League has a ring to...
  6. E10rifle

    Stevenage vs Stevenunderage

    11 youth teamers in our 18-man/boy squad tonight. Tremendous. At least Nicky Hunt is back to raise the average age over 20.
  7. E10rifle

    Coco's Circus vs. The Last Rites of Frankenstein

    Well, this should be a barrel of laughs. Orient's players to turn up later than the protesting fans, go 2-0 down, then salvage a stunning draw against the only side in the division on worse form thanks to newly-motivated super-sub Kevin Nolan. Frankenstein to be relegated before retaining...
  8. E10rifle

    L'Orient/Florientina/River Pleyton vs. Toulutonse/Luventus/Boca Luniors

    Had to get the thread title in before NolansOrient came up with something nonsensical about a track off the My Iron Lung EP. Luton are Massive enough that they're going to sell out their allocation, unlike some others I won't mention (hullo the champions elect & Cambridge), so the game has been...
  9. E10rifle

    The Jabo Derby (Carlisle vs. Orient)

    Quick hop up the country for a Tuesday night game, then. Would have seen an epic 4-4 draw happening a couple of months ago, but we've really tightened up under Nolan. Hard-fought 1-0 defeat it is.
  10. E10rifle

    THAT moment...

    Let's be honest, if supporting a football club was all about the football itself, being a lower league fan would be shit. Most of the time we watch shit players play shit football at shit grounds, and the only reason we all suffer it is because standing half-cut with your mates on an open...
  11. E10rifle

    M11 Derby II

    Looking forward to this one. Cambridge should muster around 900 (insert picture of very small cabbages) and it's been nice being in the same division as a friendly rival we haven't seen for a while. Expecting Nolan to bring Cheeky Gnando into the side for his full debut, as well as replacing...
  12. E10rifle

    Barceluton/Bayern Lunich/Galutasaray vs. Llieda Orient/Bayer Leytonkusen/Genclerbirleyton

    Yes, it's everyone's favourite League Two super power against no-one's favourite London club. We've already met in the JPT, but considering Orient had five players making their professional debuts that night, we'll not read too much into Luton's 93rd minute winner. What you can read plenty into...
  13. E10rifle

    Best/Worst opponents this season

    Okay, I think we're just about far enough into the season to start dishing out widespread offence/praise to all and sundry. Who are the best and worst three League Two opponents you've seen this season? Only rules: you have to have been at the game/seen the whole match on t'telly, and you have...
  14. E10rifle

    Jabo's Team vs. Jabo's Current Employers

    Wasn't sure I was going to turn up for this one knowing that the great man is injured, but then I remembered that he'll be in the posh seats, and I sit on the other side of the fence from them so I'll get to bask in his reflected glory. Sounds like it should be a fun game, what with Carlisle's...
  15. E10rifle

    The East London derby

    Dagenham vs. Orient this Saturday in a second consecutive London derby for the O's. Which is nice, as we didn't have a single derby last season in League One. Or would be nice, if we didn't have to go to Dagenham. We haven't had a great time of it at this horrible little ground in recent years...