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  1. Craig

    Mansfield vs Scunny

  2. Craig

    League One General Chat Chuffin Nora Sunderland :ffs:
  3. Craig

    The Big Bad FA Cup Thread

    Round 3 and beyond. Dingle derby over at Turf Moor. Looks like Hedges is being given first shot at the vacancy left by Potts’ departure. Full strength line up, here’s hoping for a round 4 appearance.
  4. Craig

    Bobby Madley

    Has he been shagging dogs or not?
  5. Craig

    Happy Yorkshire Day

    Happy Yorkshire day to all my fellow Yorkshire posters. Commiserations to the rest you for not being from God's own.
  6. Craig

    When will Rochdale sack Keef?

    The man's just not up to the job, passed his sell by date, out of his depth, etc
  7. Craig

    Wednesday vs Villa

    Matchday thread....
  8. Craig

    The Nintendo Debacle

    Hello. Now that this thing has been resolved may we see the unbanning and return of members who were wrongfully expelled from the site? I mean if you have actually sent LW his Nintendo then surely you must admit that these persons were wrongly victimised for persisting with their questions...
  9. Craig

    Norwich vs Wednesday

    On a Saturday
  10. Craig

    QPR vs Leeds

  11. Craig

    Forest vs Bolton

    Back in the day.
  12. Craig

    Fulham vs Brum

  13. Craig

    Villa vs Millwall

  14. Craig

    Boro vs Ipswich

  15. Craig

    Hull vs Brentford

    Sludsky out
  16. Craig

    Burton vs Preston

  17. Craig

    Barnsley vs Derby

  18. Craig

    Barnsley -vs- Leeds - 25/11

  19. Craig

    1FF Film Club - NINTENDO

    Please vote.
  20. Craig

    Barnsley -vs- Aston Villa

    Looking more forward to the array of Oakwell legends due on the pitch for this one than the actual game. 130th anniversary and among the guests will be the likes of Barry Murphy, Darren Barnard, Ashley Ward, Bobby Hassell, Craig Hignett, Adie Moses, Eric Winstanley, Martin Devaney, Stephen...