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    The official road to WrestleMania 35 prediction contest

    So after i won the inaugural prediction contest for the last one, i thought it would be only right to kick things off again. The rules are simple, predict and you get a point. There are bonus points along the way so doesn't matter if you don't do well because you can catch up at any point. The...
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    RIP Bruno Sammartino

    A pioneer in his era.
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    Latest releases thread

    “WWE has come to terms on the releases of WWE Superstars Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae. WWE wishes them the best in all of their future endeavors.”
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    The New WWE TV review thread

    WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW DATE - MONDAY 1ST JANUARY 2018 VENUE - AMERICAN AIRLINES ARENA: MIAMI, FL ANNOUNCERS - COREY GRAVES, MICHAEL COLE & BOOKER T Kurt Angle opened the first Monday Night RAW of 2018 with how RAW will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 3 weeks, and then how the Royal Rumble will...
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    The History of Monday Night RAW

    I have been busy recently, i set myself a challenge to re-watch the entire back catalogue of Monday Night Raw starting back in January 1993. This isn't going to be something completed anytime soon, but here it goes - reminisce to the old days. WWF MONDAY NIGHT RAW DATE - MONDAY 11TH JANUARY...
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    Who should be the champions in the WWE?

    There is nothing more than the internet community enjoys than to have a bit of a moan at what the WWE are doing, so if you woke up tomorrow with a message on your phone from Vince McMahon asking you to vacate all titles, and give them to new people - who would you give them to? Triple H then...
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    The official WWE prediction league thread

    After throwing some feelers out, i think that this could work. The rules are really simple, you can play along whenever you want because it is just for fun. However, the more regularly you play along, then the higher in the league you will be - simples. For each PPV, i will list the matches for...
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    Prediction contest?

    Hi guys, Just putting a feeler out there, would any of you be interesting in doing a prediction type league? Do it from now until Mania or something? So number of predictions correct in a PPV, then total it up for each until mania? I would be happy taking control of this if there were some...
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    205 LIVE

    Despite the fact that there is already 8 hours of original WWE programming per week, the WWE have decided to begin a new cruiserweight show. I have been thinking for a while what a terrible job they have been doing with the cruiserweights on Raw, no one knows who they are so they aren't going to...
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    TNA Gets a new TV deal...

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    What has Smackdown come to?

    Just watched the last edition of Smackdown, and I don't think I have heard a show where the fans have been more silent. Even in the main event, which is supposed to be 6 of the biggest stars in the company, was silent. Now I know it often varies between city and city but what is Smackdown truly...
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    Recommend a wrestling video thread

    So there are so many videos around these days, but everyone has different tastes of availability in getting access to them so I thought it would be a good idea to have one of these. Basically to send links or add a video of something wrestling related which is actually worth watching, it could...
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    This is actually a joke, did you fall for it? :)
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    Scott Barton's TNA TV rating thread

    Found them in my WWE one, please can we keep them separate?
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    Scott Barton's WWE TV review thread

    Seeing as the old one went with TFF, then we start it all off again here - oh the excitement of it all. WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN DATE - FRIDAY 9TH JANUARY 2015 TAPED - TUESDAY 6TH JANUARY 2015 VENUE - LAREDO ENERGY ARENA: LAREDO, TX ANNOUNCERS - JOHN "BRADSHAW" LAYFIELD, TOM PHILLIPS &...
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    Was Big Sexy on the old forum, now Scott Barton.... so hai