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  1. Indian Dan

    Maradona dead?

    Being reported in Argentina
  2. Indian Dan

    24 November matches

    Games still coming thick and fast. After a drab victory against Bristol Rovers we’ve got a tough looking fixture with Lincoln heading for the CG. Still cant believe how our injured players are STILL injured with what was reported at the time as 2-weekers. Got 2-3 which may get some game time...
  3. Indian Dan

    Saturday 10th October matches

    Home to Wimbledon. In all 4 games to date we’ve started like a house on fire in the first half and folded like a pack of cards in the second. Could and should have been way out of sight at Posh last Saturday come half time but a 1-0 lead turned into a 3–1 defeat. Individual, basic defensive...
  4. Indian Dan

    Football as a Summer Sport

    If, and it’s a big if, this virus dissipates as the weather warms up, how about the season becoming a summer sport. Sure, cricket wouldn’t be too happy, but this virus isn’t going away. It’ll rear its head every winter. Now it may become just another strain of the regular seasonal flu we have...
  5. Indian Dan

    Saturday 7 March Games

    Looking like a storm-free weekend! We’ve got FGR and Chuckles - who’s beginning to outstay his welcome I reckon. Hopefully, we can help him out the door. Strangely, Living out here, I met a woman who went to school with Cooper. She said he was a nice fella but I read between the lines and knew...
  6. Indian Dan

    Tuesday 3 March games

    Big evening for 4 of us. Home to Scunny should yield 3 points. Crewe v Exeter - don’t care what the result of this is Muff v Grimsby - should be 3 points for Plymouth Could be the start of us pulling away.
  7. Indian Dan

    Saturday 15th games

    Could be a few weather related postponements. We’re home to Scunny. Should be a home banker but I’m led to believe they can be quite handy away from home. Got a run of games now from which we should get a good points haul to start pulling away with the chasing 3 either playing each other or...
  8. Indian Dan

    Vale v Swindon

    Got a lot of time for Vale as a club. Now Smurf-less they should be on the rise. Going to be a toughie for us, I reckon, but we are playing so well at the moment I expect to win every game. I’ll go for a 2-2 ding dong game to warm everyone up. Everybody bangs on about Doyle - and rightly so -...
  9. Indian Dan

    FGR v Swindon

    Might as well have a separate thread for this one. A nice local game where there’s a chance of there being more away fans in attendance than home fans! Glad we’re away - so much better. Must have a great chance of 8-in-a-row wins here and Doyle 10-in-a-row goals. Don’t think we’ve been beaten...
  10. Indian Dan

    RIP Jim Smith

    Former Oxford manager, amongst others. Probably their best manager ever.
  11. Indian Dan

    Grimsby v Swindon

    Not one of our happy hunting grounds. Last 2 visits, both Tuesday evenings, we should have won but managed to lose both. One of them they were on a dreadful run - much like at the moment. We should have enough but not too confident.
  12. Indian Dan

    Swindon v Stags

    Could be a bit spicy this one, what with ex-Stag Donohue likely to face the club he got sacked from a short time ago. One performance apart (Crewe) he has been sensational at left back. This will be a close game, I reckon. We are still very average at home and Stags have good away form - is...
  13. Indian Dan


    Just interested in how other teams have fared so far - for and against. We’ve not been awarded any nor given one away - although that may just be down to jettisoning Olly Lancashire!
  14. Indian Dan

    Swindon v Newport

    Should see our biggest attendance so far this season - swelled by the apparently huge number of plod on duty! Got to say, Newport are doing better than I expected, albeit struggling to score. We’re so much better away from home so this could be an attritional game which could go either way...
  15. Indian Dan

    10 Games Gone

    10 games seems a reasonable number for the league to start shaping up for the season. In all honesty, we are the best team I’ve seen so far, although our midweek games have all been a nightmare - can’t understand it but it’s a carry over from last season. Best team we’ve faced is Colchester...
  16. Indian Dan

    Exeter v Swindon

    Only 3 sides with a 100% record and 2 play each other at SJP. Summat has to give and even without Yates I fancy us to make it 3 out of 3. We’ve played some great stuff - especially against Carlisle - and away from home we’ll do a load of sides on the break. Our first choice CBs will obviously...
  17. Indian Dan

    Caribou Cup match thread

    Might as well stick it all in one thread. We’ve got the glamour tie - away to Colchester. Wellens has already said he’ll field a similar side to the one that played in the Winky Wanky Cup game against Chelsea last week. Can’t really argue with that but we’ve been so shit in all cups over the...
  18. Indian Dan

    Indian Dan’s L2 Hatchet Job

    Bradford City - L2 heavyweights this season. Any hangover from last season’s dreadful campaign could derail them. ID says POs. Cambridge Utd - looked to have upgraded squad slightly. ID says a stress free season. Carlisle Utd - strange recruitment goings on up here. Best players going...
  19. Indian Dan

    Bradford City Thread

    First, this isn’t, and hopefully doesn’t turn into, a bash Bradford thread. I had a dip onto their forum and there is a general concensus that they should ‘smash’ L2 based on a perception that it is at a Dog and Duck standard and the quality is terrible. Based on their fan base I suppose I...
  20. Indian Dan

    Matt Taylor v Matt Taylor

    Don’t know why, but I’m really looking forward to this one. Wellens has got the fans onside with his ‘way’ and it seems to be working. Finishing off some fine approach work has been, and continues to be, our problem. Defence doesn’t seem so calamitous and the January window will show the way...