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    Still hopeful for automatic promotion Cheltenham V Nearly good enough Mansfield

    Im from near Mansfield and i live in Cheltenham so Ive spoke to a few fans who despite being incredibly poor still think cheltenham are a very good side that could still go up:brill: (that was a few weeks ago so its probably not possible now but made an interesting score thread title haha) I...
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    Mansfield Vs The worlds best Sunday league side

    First home win for us? Its going to be tough. How many crawley fans coming?? a taxi full at least i hope
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    OX Vs STAGs

    Oxford fans moaning it will be a rough game, Well it is league two... But thinking were a dirty side for getting 7 booked when to be fair 4 got booked for talking to the ref and one who tried to keep out the way of an argument hahaha terrible ref for both sides. Should be a good game, if we...