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  1. Libertadores FC

    TOURIST WORLD CUP THE II - Round of 16

    Pick 4
  2. Libertadores FC


    Same rules as last time - The attractions with the most likes go further. Lets begin
  3. Libertadores FC

    Who is World Cup Willie?

    A discussion we had in the box. lordofthepies thinks its me, while I blame Look Out There Are Llamas. Ultimately it could be Son of Cod who is dressed in red white and blue. Your 2 cents?
  4. Libertadores FC

    A Story...

    Not meant to be an attention seeking post but just a little story about how football has really helped me and is my main therapy... Anyways, I returned to Peru back last year and I ended life in Canada with some depression. I was staying at home, gaining weight with no one to talk to. I had...
  5. Libertadores FC

    The 8 Questions - A Forum Game

    Hello all, its Lib again. I've been lurking on the forum for a while, came back on after Peru's victory and decided to stick around. Not been as busy and I'm enjoying my posting again. I have a few quizzes whipped up and could turn it into a game. Basically a quiz league. One per week, with a...
  6. Libertadores FC

    Peruvian Primera Division Adopt a Team

    Why the fuck not? Habbinalan Comerciantes Unidos
  7. Libertadores FC

    Is the Eyyyyyyyyyyyyy dead?

    Your answer. Ever since Danny Rose stepped in, he decided that Awooooogaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa should be our new greeting, and it somehow got stuck in my head to the point I'm now saying it. Is Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dead or is it all still in our hearts?
  8. Libertadores FC

    FAO Leicester City fans

    Any of you remember Pier Larrauri? He played for your club near the beginning of the decade and was a young player at the time. I managed to interview him and he had a few nice things to say about your club. Have a read here
  9. Libertadores FC

    South American U20 Championship

    Uruguay currently up against Venezuela. Just kicked off, Argentina vs Peru later today. Can see Brazil winning it this time.
  10. Libertadores FC

    RIP Héctor Chumpitaz

    Arguably the greatest SA defender of all time, Hector Chumpitaz has passed away. RIP captain of America.
  11. Libertadores FC


    Finally uploaded my podcast. After weeks of negotiating I can acknowledge the flaws with my hosting, that will improve over time. ---------------------------------- On another note, anyone interested in a football quiz...
  12. Libertadores FC

    FM 2017: 100 years into the future

    I did this back in 2015, and will bring it back to see how it goes. I will load up to the 9th tier of England to see what happens, based on my own nationality I will also load Peru. Any other leagues you're interested in seeing?
  13. Libertadores FC

    Copa Libertadores 2017

    The first year of the new "lets try to be like that mainstream UCL shite" format takes place. Totally unoriginal from CONMEBOL, making the competition exactly like the UCL. Anyways, as usual I'm looking forward to this tournament as its my favourite competition in football. Universitario is in...